Things there should be a word for

With all the words in the world, why are there no words for this?

  • That minor feeling of disappointment when you think a puppy is coming towards you but it turns out to just be a small dog. That happened to me the other day. To say my face fell is an understatement.
  • The combination of crushing desperation, then relief when it looks like there’s a big load of ironing in the basket but it turns out to just be towels, socks and pants. Similar to when you think you have a big load of homework and it turns out to be just some spellings you already know.

    El's famous anti-homework face

  • Being so desperate to finish a fantastic book that you start reading it at inappropriate times like when you’re crossing the road or already late for work/school.
  • El’s anti-homework face. That surely deserves a word?
  • Telling a story then remembering half way through that you already told it to the person you’re telling it to, and they’re just humouring you to be polite.
  • Funny little noises people make when they’re eating or sleeping
  • When you don’t tweet about something because somebody who might see it has sent you an email that you haven’t replied to and you don’t want to get into explaining why not.
  • When your cat meows for food even though there’s already two types of food in his bowl.
  • The sadness when you realise that the UK is going to fail in Eurovision once again. I mean really? Engelbert Humperdinck? Why not Jessie J?!!!!! Or Adele!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The sadness you feel when you hear about the time your mum thought she saw a puppy coming up the road, but when it got closer it was a small dog and she was disappointed.

El and Jae.
There’s a word for that.

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