Top 10 things to do for free in the school holidays

Are you bored of half term yet? Have you run out of cash? Here is our handy guide to things you can do for free in the school holidays:

  • Stare at people and try to read their minds and freak them out a bit.
  • Edit a newspaper. You will need a black marker for this.

    New, improved version

  • Steal/borrow an iPhone and play some games. Fruit Ninja and Dragonvale are both good free games.
  • Make weird, moany noises just for the heck of it.
  • Just stay in bed all day. Make sure you have books and snacks nearby, or a slave to bring them to you.
  • Talk to a toddler, preferably one you know. Every thing they say is really sweet, plus their parents will be grateful to you for occupying them.
  • Stroke a cat until he gets annoyed, then run for your life.
  • Go into an Apple store and play on all the stuff, then leave without buying anything
  • Do your homework (this is the nuclear option, only to be done in the most extreme cases of boredom).
  • Tidy your bedroom (see above)

El & Jae.

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Top tips – How to do radio interviews

Radio Gaga

The good news is – I have been asked to go on BBC radio to talk about my book and answer questions on a phone in.

The bad news is – it’s in the middle of the night.

El says not to worry as “you won’t be heard by normal people”. She has also given me this advice:

  • Start off in a squeaky voice and get deeper and deeper as the interview progresses
  • Don’t do it drunk
  • Bring a book so if you don’t know the answer you can look it up
  • Don’t get bored and start screaming out swear words
  • Don’t bring in a radio so you can listen to yourself on the radio, as it is very confusing and the world might explode
  • Do wear a fake moustache because no one can see you
  • Do give the microphone a hug and say “I’m hugging all you lovely people” and then cry

So as long as I can remember all that, it should be OK

Wish me luck!


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