Text Speak – A guide for grown ups written by kids (well a kid).

Luv u lots

Are you a grown up?
Do you not understand text speak?
Are you constantly asking yourself  ‘Why has my child who can spell perfectly well sent me a text saying: Hi mum goin out wiv frnd plz giv cash i iz broke send me a txt ASAP luv u lol. What does it all mean?!’

If the answer to all these questions is yes then please read on…

The reason why kids use Text Speak is because typing on a mobile phone can be extremely hard. On my mobile phone I have to tap a button 4 times in quick succession to get the letter S. Blackberrys have minute buttons. iPhones on the other hand I personally find rather easy to use and if i ever text on either my mum or dad’s phone I don’t use text speak at all (mostly).  However many people are not lucky enough to own this Apple luxury and resort to making words shorter to save time and effort. And thus Text Speak was born.

Another few reasons:
1. It looks funny
2. It annoys adults.
3. If aliens ever invade they won’t konw what we are going on about.
4. Also it is useful if you are a spy
5. Recent studys show that cats and giant pandas understand text speak. (I may have made that up.)
6. It looks coolr. Lol 🙂

A few bits of vocabulary:

lol= laugh out loud (not loads of lard as Jae thought it was)

Saved by the text!


asap=as soon as possible
ROFL=Rolling On the Floor Laughing
ROFLMAO= Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off
FML= F**k My Life
WTF= What The F**k
: ) = A Smiley face.
❤ = a heart.
OMG= Oh My God
IPM = I’ve Peed Myself
ISM = I’ve Pooed Myself
TMHM plz = Take Me Home Mum please


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