World Book Night – time to share the love of reading

Have you heard of World Book Night? (Not day, NIGHT! NIGHT!) It’s a scheme to give free books to people and hopefully get more people reading. Volunteers get to choose a book from a shortlist, then they get 20 copies to give away.

El and Jae applied to be a World Book Night giver and were superchuffed to be accepted (last year Jae was not accepted – must’ve been on the naughty list). Jae would like it to be known that she turned down a free trip to Disneyland Paris in order to be here for World Book Night. That is commitment.

El chose the book Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman because she had not read it (shock horror!) and had really wanted to for a while. Plus she had already read Boys Don’t Cry by the same author for the Southern Schools book awards and had really enjoyed it. (And met Malorie Blackman at the award ceremonies but we won’t go into that.)

Tonight we are giving the books away! Perhaps you are reading this because we gave you a book?

Here is a little bit of background about where the books have been before. We picked them up on Saturday from Waterstones in Brighton. El loves this shop (understatement). It is her dream job to work there one day, though she may not realise that you have to do more than just read the books when you work in a bookshop.

The first person we spoke to in Waterstones didn’t know about World Book Night! Quelle horreur! Luckily the second person did, and said our books were in the “special cupboard”. We are very excited about this – perhaps this special cupboard leads to Narnia, the Mines of Moria or Hogwarts Common Room. Here is Brighton Waterstones, complete with Special Cupboard: waterstones-brighton Then we took our box of books to a cafe. As you can see El was supervising them very closely. world-book-night-books We took the books to Boots to buy deodorant. Actually, the books smelled fine but Jae gets sweaty (joking Jae). Again, El supervised the box of books, this time by sitting on them: world-book-night-books-boots As it was a heavy box we had to take it home on the bus. We let the box sit on the disabled seat as no one else was using it, plus a box is not able to walk. We also let the books have a little sit down on a bench cos they were tired. And it had another little sit down on the bus stop because El had bumped into her friend. books-collage So you can see that if we gave you a book, it has been on quite a journey. Treat it well, like a baby kitten or a precious jewel. Now we are going out to give away our books. We will report back later and let you know how we got on.



El & Jae
Book Distribution Service



We did it!

world book night



Jae almost lost a finger on one or two letterboxes and narrowly avoided being arrested as a weirdy stalker-type person. We put some through letterboxes of people we know and the rest in random houses. All in all it was really good fun.

We also put a few in the doors of a cafe, a church hall and some flats (so they will have to fight for who gets it!).

This trip has lead us into new insights about letterboxes. Especially those weird furry bits in them. There was one or two we couldn’t get the books in 😦

So if you get a chance to be a World Book Night giver, go for it. And if not – at least we’ve always got reading!

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Extreme Reading – Volume 3

Spring is here. Ha ha ha ha we wish.

At least we always have books to keep us warm. The good thing about having Extreme Reading as your sport of choice is that it doesn’t matter about the weather and it is always the right season.

So where has El been reading recently?

Even when temptation is offered you must stay strong padawan.




Reading in an office shop is always good because you’ll always have somewhere to sit.




Just ignore any distractions behind you.






So the lesson we have learned is – whatever is in your book is probably more compelling than whatever is in your face.


El & Jae
Page Turners

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Our greatest hits – packed with nutritious goodness

Eljae is now a year old! It’s grown from being a baby blog and is now going to be a terrible toddler. But Jae wrote a book about toddlers so we think we can cope.

We’ve been looking back over the last year to see which posts were the most popular.reading-whilst-walking

Number one by a long way is Reasons why homework should be banned – this has had thousands of hits and is on page 1 of Google for that phrase, proving once and for all that homework is evil. Unfortunately El’s teachers haven’t listened.

Number two is the main home page which makes sense really as it’s the first page you come to. PROOF THAT YOU GUYS LIKE US FOR US! 😀

Next most popular is our list of Top 10 cool kid bloggers. We really like this post and we hope that we have introduced many people to new blogs.

Jae’s favourite posts of the year are the ones where El reads books in all kinds of weird places. None of this is staged, THIS IS WHAT EL IS REALLY LIKE (she feels a little frightened if she ventures out of the house without a book).

Jae also likes the post about What to say if someone at school calls you a nerd because it’s good advice.

El’s favourite posts have also been the extreme reading ones but she also really likes the things that make you go lol  post because it’s funny and whenever she watches the videos she gets a happy. 🙂

We have been asked to review a few things which is cool but we won’t be doing too many of those unless it is to tell you about something that is super super fun.

Most of all we like writing random stuff that nobody else does. There are millions of words on the internet but you can still be an individual. Please stay and read our blog in 2013 if you like being an individual too. And where else are you going to hear about beards and moustaches that are not beards and moustaches?

El dreams up new blog posts

El dreams up new blog posts

In the year to come we intend to write about such things as moustache sandwiches, more Dennis the cat and what to expect when the aliens arrive.



El & Jae
Keep Calm and Blog On

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Extreme Reading: A half term special

Ah, the half term. A chance to go out, enjoy yourself and get up a bit later than usual. So what does El do?

What she always does! She reads. That’s the best thing about half term really – more reading time.

The Rule of El: Never leave the house without a minimum of 5 books

What will happen if you leave the house with less than 5 books? We don’t know, we’ve never tried.

And now here are some tips from El to help you enjoy your book fully.

When reading a book set in the past why not travel back in time and really get a feel of the era.

If you wish to focus upon your book more then read it next to a beautiful castle and carefully ignore it.

And of course if you go to see a show, always take a book in case the show is boring


And remember – never let a day out get in the way of having a good read.

El & Jae
Book, book, book, book, book

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Extreme Reading – a new Olympic sport?

The thing we really liked about the Olympics was that there was a sport for everybody.

Actually, not quite.

Where were the bookworm sports? Maybe next time. El has been practising her Extreme Reading.

Event One: Reading whilst walking

Event Two: Reading whilst climbing

The Finals: Reading in the winner’s enclosure


El & Jae
Read any good books lately?

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Children’s book review: Pegasus and the Flame by Kate O’Hearn

Today we have a guest review from Eye, El’s 8 year old brother, and a tip for how you can get free kids’ books.

A while ago, Eye read about the Hachette children’s books review crew in the back of one of his How to Train Your Dragon books. We went on to the website and filled in his details. We didn’t expect to hear anything else, but then a package arrived with a free book for Eye! He was so pleased.

Eye received Pegasus and the Flame by Kate O’Hearn

It was quite long for a children’s book (over 350 pages), but he read it all and this is his review:

Eye says:

“I like that this book has two stories – one of them is myth, and one of them is in real life New York. Then some of the mythical stuff comes to New York city. Pegasus the winged horse crashes on to a roof and another man crashes on to the streets and another mythical person crashes in to Central Park.

The characters are trying to save Olympus before the Olympic flame burns out. This is an exciting story with lots of action. Boys and girls aged 9 and over would like this book. Some of the words I found a bit hard but I kept reading because it’s a good story.”

So it’s a big thumbs up from Eye for this book, and a recommendation for the review crew if you are interested in reviewing new children’s books.

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