Music from history that kids today need to know about: No 5 – The Jesus and Mary Chain

The Jesus and Mary Chain were the Jedward of their day – brothers, with big hair, regional accents, a limited vocal range and VERY VERY NOISY. Their music was renowned for being particularly good at attracting UFOs down from the sky, something which Jedward are as yet unable to do.

Jae saw The Jesus and Mary Chain live in Belfast and they were excellent, although they only played for 20 minutes, which was a bit irritating when you’ve paid a whole £6 for a concert ticket. Jae’s parents used to wind her up by calling them Jesus and the Mary Chain. Oh what larks we had in 1985.

Look out for Bobby Gillespie  from Primal Scream looking cool in this video. We haven’t met Primal Scream yet in our music from history lessons but I have a feeling we will.

As Michael Rosen would say: THE NOISE!

This one is a bit more melodic, but still with an overlay of NOISE. They kind of let the side down by sitting on a beach, but redeem themselves by doing so in leather jackets:


Possibly not suitable for Eurovision.

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Music from history that kids today need to know about: No 4 – Pop Will Eat Itself

Ok kids I think you will like this one, especially the fast food-inspired chorus. This later influenced Lady Gaga in the lesser known first version of her hit Poker Face, which was originally titled Pizza Face (Pah-pah-pah Pizza Face Pah-pah Pizza face).

It’s Pop Will Eat Itself with Def Con One :


Pop Will Eat Itself (or The Eaties as they were sometimes known) were pioneers in the ‘songs made of bits of other things’ genre.  They had a lot of trouble with nits and sunburn, leading to the band’s ultimate demise.

Some of them later went on to form Bentley Rhythm Ace, who made this video which won Best Use of Swingball And Waffles at the MTV Awards:


Where are the Swingball and waffles in today’s music, that’s what I want to know?



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Music from history that kids today need to know about: No 3 – The KLF

This is the third post about great music from history. So far El has only written one post about great music of today, so that obviously proves that music was better in the past. FACT.

Anyway, The KLF grew out of trees near Glastonbury Tor, and were the top pop shock rockers of the Nineties. They are cool and significant because:

  • They burnt a million quid. They actually had the money in their hands and burnt it on a fire and called it art. Of course, they were locked up for it. These days, people in the government do that and get a knighthood.
  • They drove an ice cream van.
  • KLF stands for Kemp Love Foundation, named after their admiration for Gary and Martin Kemp who were also in a (less good) band of the era called Spandau Ballet. The less said about them, the better.
  • They also recorded under the name The Timelords to release this song which you should turn up really loud if you’re playing it in your car.

This one is my favourite. It was recorded just after the KLF’s “Let’s get elephant tusks welded to our heads for a laugh” period. They’d never do that on X Factor:


Also known as the Justified Ancient of Eljae

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Music from history that kids today need to know about: No 2 – The Fall

The Fall were formed in Oldham in 1966 when Mark E Smith, fresh from winning Britain’s Angriest Man contest at Butlins (prize = an extra E for your name), was struck on the head by an orange falling from the sky.

That’s curious, he thought. I think I’ll form a band. Note flicky hair as later copied by Justin Bieber, who’s a big fan.


Later he wrote a song about the orange, and it all went a bit weird:


FASCINATING FACT which for once I am not making up at all – The woman playing guitar and riding a giant hamburger in that last video is now better known as fashion guru Brix Smith Start, who hangs out with Gok Wan:

Don't mention The Fall!

Bet she misses the giant hamburger.


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Music from history that kids today need to know about: No 1 – The Ramones

The Ramones were an Irish American band of brothers descended from the celtic Ramona tribe which was known for its long, thick lustrous hair and leather jackets. This video also shows you what school was like in history:

Not to be confused with The Hives, who got their name because they live in a row of houses in Sweden that look like actual beehives, with giant bees painted on the side:

Or indeed Avril Lavigne, who wanted to join the Ramona tribe but was not allowed in on account of poor spitting technique:



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