The people at Kelloggs got in touch with Jae and asked if we wanted to try their new cereal, Mini Max. Hey, that’s OK says Jae We already tried it. I bought it myself from the supermarket with actual Jaecash. We liked it, we’ll probably buy it again.

Please note that we were NOT on the blag. That’s OK actually means No thank you and To be honest, I think I’ll struggle to get a blog post out of cereal.

Anyway, they still wanted to send us some, so we said OK and thought maybe they’d send a box or something.

They sent 10 boxes! I think they’d heard about the blogger who got sent one shoe to review and were a bit scared.

So we did what any sensible druid would do and made Mini Max Henge

Alfresco El

El says: Mini Max = Very Yummy! Although we do not recommend eating it in the evening because it is high energy and we went a bit crazy and had a bit too much.

Mini Max – it’s wholegrain, it’s got a little bit of frosting, either eat it with milk or use it to make a prehistoric monument.


PS Can you spot the garden gnome in the background of the pic???

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