Tights Frights – Louise Rennison Books Reviewed

The Taming of the Tights

If you have been reading since the start you may recall that way back last year El met the top author Louise Rennison.

Louise Rennison is best known for writing Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging which was also made into a film adaptation of that book and the sequel (It’s Ok I’m Wearing Really Big Knickers). But she’s written tons of other books too and recently the publishers sent El three of them to read.

Free books! It’s like a bookworm’s Christmas. Bookmas! Chrisworm! Or something.

Anyway El was really pleased as she’s read the entire Angus, Thongs series (and there are quite a few of them) so more Louise Rennison books was a dream come true.

This is what El thought of the books she was sent:


Withering Tights

This is the first in Louise Rennison’s series of books about Tallulah Casey. El really like the punny name and really enjoyed the book too.

It was about Georgia’s (from Angus, Thongs) younger cousin who goes to a summer drama school in Yorkshire. She meets new friends, boys and does a good Irish dance. Also there are little owlets. Which are cute. Also there were the Dobbins with which she stays who are hilarious and the twins remind El of Just William’s younger cousin in that Christmas story.

A very funny read that El enjoyed. Worth reading if you enjoyed Angus Thongs or if you’re a teen girl who likes a light read that will make you laugh.


A Midsummer Tights Dream

The second in the series and is a little slimmer than the first one at 333 pages to 351. Tallulah goes back to the drama school but this time as a proper student. It’s more of the same light humour with yet more boys, yet more larking with mates and more Irish dancing.

In this book Dother Hall looks set to close which would be the end to Lullah’s dreams. If you enjoyed the first I would definitely recommend reading this.


The Taming of the Tights

This is the most up to date of the Tallulah Casey books and was just released in July on hardback and Kindle – you’ll have to wait until next January for the paperback.

This book definitely lives up to its predecessors. El would very much recommend reading it if you liked the first two. It could be read alone but I wouldn’t recommend it as it was written to be another in a series and not a stand alone book. However the fact that the name pun wasn’t really a pun and was just the words tights shoved into a Shakespeare play annoyed El.

In conclusion, El thinks that you will like these books if you are a teen girl and if you enjoyed the Angus Thongs series.


El & Jae
4 Legs Good – especially in tights

We love Louise Rennison!

We love Louise Rennison!

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Brace yourself London, here come the bloggers!

On Sunday we had a blogging trip to London. This is like a normal trip, but you blog about it. Plus we brought an extra blogger as Daisy’s Amazing Random Stuff Extravaganza came too. She even offered to wear glasses, even though she has perfect eyesight. That’s the effect of the Eljae. And here we are!:

We went to the Southbank Centre Imagination Children’s festival, where there was a discussion by children’s authors who’d won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. It’s World Book Day season so we were in the mood for some AUTHOR CHAT.

First of all we saw Cathy Cassidy signing books, and took a sneaky pic. Look there she is in the background behind El.

Thumbs up for Cathy Cassidy

Then we saw Michael Rosen, Liz Pichon, Louise Rennison and Philip Ardagh talking about their books. They were super funny. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! LR even irish danced for us.

And then we met Louise Rennison, who wrote Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging and Withering Tights.

We love Louise Rennison!

Thank you to the Southbank Centre for giving us tickets to the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. They have lots of cool events for kids and families so check them out.

It was a beautiful sunny day by the river, we had ice cream and there was wifi, which is all you need for a bloggers’ day out.

El and Jae
Back in Brighton, reading

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