Top tips – How to do radio interviews

Radio Gaga

The good news is – I have been asked to go on BBC radio to talk about my book and answer questions on a phone in.

The bad news is – it’s in the middle of the night.

El says not to worry as “you won’t be heard by normal people”. She has also given me this advice:

  • Start off in a squeaky voice and get deeper and deeper as the interview progresses
  • Don’t do it drunk
  • Bring a book so if you don’t know the answer you can look it up
  • Don’t get bored and start screaming out swear words
  • Don’t bring in a radio so you can listen to yourself on the radio, as it is very confusing and the world might explode
  • Do wear a fake moustache because no one can see you
  • Do give the microphone a hug and say “I’m hugging all you lovely people” and then cry

So as long as I can remember all that, it should be OK

Wish me luck!


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