A World Without Homework…

El has been dreaming of a special place.

A world….

A world without homework



What would your world without homework contain?



El & Jae
Dreaming of paradise

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Our greatest hits – packed with nutritious goodness

Eljae is now a year old! It’s grown from being a baby blog and is now going to be a terrible toddler. But Jae wrote a book about toddlers so we think we can cope.

We’ve been looking back over the last year to see which posts were the most popular.reading-whilst-walking

Number one by a long way is Reasons why homework should be banned – this has had thousands of hits and is on page 1 of Google for that phrase, proving once and for all that homework is evil. Unfortunately El’s teachers haven’t listened.

Number two is the main home page which makes sense really as it’s the first page you come to. PROOF THAT YOU GUYS LIKE US FOR US! 😀

Next most popular is our list of Top 10 cool kid bloggers. We really like this post and we hope that we have introduced many people to new blogs.

Jae’s favourite posts of the year are the ones where El reads books in all kinds of weird places. None of this is staged, THIS IS WHAT EL IS REALLY LIKE (she feels a little frightened if she ventures out of the house without a book).

Jae also likes the post about What to say if someone at school calls you a nerd because it’s good advice.

El’s favourite posts have also been the extreme reading ones but she also really likes the things that make you go lol  post because it’s funny and whenever she watches the videos she gets a happy. 🙂

We have been asked to review a few things which is cool but we won’t be doing too many of those unless it is to tell you about something that is super super fun.

Most of all we like writing random stuff that nobody else does. There are millions of words on the internet but you can still be an individual. Please stay and read our blog in 2013 if you like being an individual too. And where else are you going to hear about beards and moustaches that are not beards and moustaches?

El dreams up new blog posts

El dreams up new blog posts

In the year to come we intend to write about such things as moustache sandwiches, more Dennis the cat and what to expect when the aliens arrive.



El & Jae
Keep Calm and Blog On

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The best thing about Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy is…

…Spoon Snake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're off to see the Jelly Fox

Am I Nothing?????????????????????????

If you are a kid, the only episode of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy suitable to watch is Episode 2. The rest are too sweary, apparently.

So you will have to watch them when your parents aren’t looking, or when you are pretending to do homework on the computer.

Not that I would do that! Ha ha ha……..



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Reasons why homework should be banned

I do not like homework because

  • It takes up all your time when you are already tired
  • Children already work hard enough at school as it is
  • Adults do not have to do homework, so it is not getting you ready for life as a grown up
  • Some of it is what you’ve already done in school so you already know it and therefore it is pointless
  • It is never fun stuff that you would want to do
  • Homework means that you are never away from school. Even in the holidays it is there like a great big weight on your mind
  • It’s really stressful
  • Some kids cheat and get their parents to do it
  • Homework makes me lose the ability to speak and instead I just go Eh like a baby
  • Homework makes me pull this face:

    AAAHHHH Homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please sign below in the comments if you agree that homework should be banned



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