Introducing Jae.

Hey, it's Jae!

1. Jae often disappears to a strange place called a ‘gym’. I suspect brain washing.
2. Jae comes from Belfast and says things like “Wee” “Eejit” and “What the effin jeffin?” That last one is not Irish. She makes up words too.
3. Her favourite type of choccie is DARK! LIKE HER SOUL!!!!!!!!
4. Her glasses fire lazer beams. And leprechauns.
5. Once a year she disappears into a dark cave filled with dentists. And dreams. And  a crocodile. BUT NO BOURBON BISCUITS!!!!!!!!!




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A top tip about hair

The more hair you have, the happier you are!

Hair today, hopefully not gone tomorrow

This does not mean that people who are bald are unhappy, just that they would be more happy if they had more hair (mabye, it’s just a theory I have developed after watching The Simpsons).

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