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Dolls can be great, but we have been wondering – why are there not more nerdy dolls?

What has gone wrong in the world that you can buy a Justin Bieber doll but no geeky girl dolls?

Something like this:

Can I get a few books with that?

El doll comes with a satchel, more books than you can fit into the satchel, glasses, and plans to rule the universe one day.

Jae doll is more of a vintage model. She comes with techy accessories, both traditional and modern. No liquorice allsorts as she has already eaten them. This doll has an extra arm which is very useful when you are a mummy doll.

Batteries not included

What do you think? We reckon it could really take off.


El & Jae

PS Thank you to Amazing Daisy for doll designs.

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