Guess how much we love you?

We were recently asked if we’d like to review personalised valentines cakes.

So who could we get a personalised message for? Who do we love with all our hearts, more than anything? Who is our special valentine?

Why, it’s you, dear readers. This is how much we love you, expressed via cake:




This is a letterbox cake from Baker Days. It is quite a small cake, but then if it was too big it wouldn’t fit in the letterbox. We thought it was really cute!

There are lots of different flavours of cake – we tried the chocolate and it was mega yummy. The cakes are pretty dinky so it just makes 4 slices so alas there isn’t any left for you dear readers. But we thought of you when we were eating it, we really did!




It was very easy to add in the personalisation on the website and you can see how your cake will look before you order. There were loads of different designs for Valentine cakes, you can even upload your own photo if you want to eat somebody’s face.

The only thing we would add on the website would be a search box. We wanted to search for turtle-themed cakes for Eye but it was not possible to do this. We chose the owly design because we thought it was cute and we liked to think the owls were a bit like us. 🙂

The cake comes really well packaged inside a padded cake tin (which you can keep) packed inside a sturdy box. We thought the cake might come bashed and squashed but it was perfect. So you can send it to your love even if they are far far away in Narnia and the cake will arrive nice and fine.




Personalised letterbox Valentine’s cakes from Baker Days are available now, priced from £14.99 including postage. We were sent this one free of charge to review.

But sorry readers, for not saving you any cake. We wanted to give you some but this magical unicorn ate it. Apart from the bits we ate. 🙂


El & Jae
Big hearted

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Stir it up, it’s Christmas cake time

Today is known as Stir Up Sunday, a time when people traditionally make their Christmas pudding. Have you been making a Christmas Pudding? We have been making a Christmas cake.

This is part of Jae’s secret plan to offload stuff like this on to El. One day Jae’s hands will turn into claws because of too much typing, so she needs to have a spare pair of hands all trained up and ready.

In our house the Christmas cake making is a bit more involved because we make two cakes so that we can give the extra one away.

We never know exactly who to give the extra cake to, but somebody who deserves it always pops up. Last year we cut the extra cake into four and gave away 4 mini cakes. Turns out there were a lot of good people around last year.

So who will get the extra cake this year? Whoever it is, it’s OK if they have a nut allergy cos we forgot to put the almonds in!

And if you’ve never made a Christmas cake, it’s very very easy – we use Mary Berry’s recipe and it always works.

El and Eye don’t really like Christmas cake because it is tastes of fruit and alcohol, (though this is exactly why Jae and Eldad like it). The icing is nice though.


El and Jae
Don’t mention the almonds

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Happy Birthday Eye!

Today is Eye’s 9th birthday. If you’ve not met him before, Eye is El’s little brother. He was born on Friday 13th on the 13th floor of the hospital in Room 13 and is our special lucky charm.

Here he is with his Under the Sea/Turtle birthday cake.

We made it with blue butter icing and stuck on sea creature jelly sweets. In the middle it’s sponge cake with jam and chocolate spread between the layers. Yum yums!

If you are wondering what nine year old boys like for their birthday, for Eye it was a set of bongos, lots of books and audio books, colouring pencils (posh ones in a tin), a T shirt that says Turtles Rock and Star Wars Kinect game. Also nine year old boys like hugs, special stones, turtles and Doctor Who. And a card made by El saying ‘If you breach copyright I will SUE YOU!!!’ on the back.

Unfortunately he had to go to school and he had the evil supply teacher of doom who is evil. Did I mention she’s evil? (El has been taught by her before and she has a nasty habit of accusing people of things they haven’t done).

But all in all it was a great day and lots of Swingball was played and lots of Malteasers were eaten.

So we all hope you had a happy day filled with joy!


Birthday Baboons.

PS Sorry for not many posts lately but we have been thinking about you. xxx

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