A day of dogs and zombies

What’s got six legs, lots of hair and blogs?

It’s El and Phileas Dogg!

A blogger meet up at Brighton Pavilion!

Yesterday we were honoured with a visit from Attlee AKA top dog blogger Phileas Dogg and his human companion Jane. They had come to check out how dog-friendly Brighton is. Alas not so much, as it turns out you can’t take dogs on the pier.

Weirdly, yesterday was also the day of the Zombie Beach Walk, and so whilst they didn’t allow dogs on the pier, they did allow zombies. There were THOUSANDS of them. We’d like to imagine what people would have thought if they hadn’t known what was going on.


And Attlee made friends with a zombie dog. Well as friendly as you can be with a zombie who probably wants to eat your brains. Actually it seems Attlee was the scarier hound.

So thank you to Attlee and Jane and all the zombies for visiting Brighton. It was hair-raising to say the least!

El and Jae
Raised from the dead

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Turtle time!

Did you know that the Sea Life Centre in Brighton has re-opened after it was closed for ages for refurbishment? All the animals had to go to temporary homes but they are back now. Yay!

We went for Eye’s birthday and met some lovely turtles who swam right up to us. (They were MUCH bigger than they look in this picture)

Totally turtely

El and Jae both touched a starfish which was a bit odd to be honest – did you know they’re actually quite soft? And then El held a crab which was very nice and didn’t bite her. It was quite still really and hardly wriggled.

No pinching!

But what on earth is this???

I’m not holding that!

Jae’s money saving tip

We had a great time at the Sea Life Centre in Brighton. The refurbishment looks great and the creatures are fab.

BUT whatever you do, don’t just rock up and pay the door prices, cos they’re pretty steep – £16.20 for adults, £11.40 for kids. If you’re smart about it you don’t need to pay that. The building has just reopened after being closed for a while, so there are lots of offers around to encourage people to visit.

We had a 50% off voucher which El picked up at WHSmith – thank goodness, it brought our ticket bill down A LOT. There are also 2 for 1 offers running until September if you’re coming to Brighton by train.

And if you can’t find a deal like that, you can still save a bit if you book on the website. Best prices are from 3pm (it closes at 6pm – we’d seen everything in about 2 hours so this should give you plenty of time). If you do this then a family ticket reduces from £48 to £33 and you will have more to spend in the gift shop.

In conclusion it was a great way to spend a birthday and we all recommend giving it a visit.

El & Jae
Sea-Life Sillies.

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