How to get through the last boring hour of school

Is it home time yet?

The last hour of school is soooooooo loooooooong. It’s like time stretches out and it lasts longer than all the previous hours put together. Here is how to get through it without exploding:

  • El’s granny used to be a teacher and she once got through the last hour by getting all the kids to think of songs about bells until the bell rang.
  • If not imagine that you could levitate the teacher and send them whizzing around the classroom.
  • Stare at somone for ages. You can do this whether you’re a teacher or a kid.
  • Try not think about penguins
  • Draw a pie chart on your hand and colour in the pieces until the end. Make sure they are equal though.
  • Count backwards from 60 to zero, one number every minute
  • Get Doctor Who to take you in his Tardis directly to home time. Also he could take you all through time and space on the way and you would still be home in time for tea.
  • Write a song in hour head. Here’s the first line to start you off: I’ve got the last hour of school bluuuuuues. Even though I’m wearing regulation shooooeeeees etc
  • Concentrate on growing your hair. Look how much lovely and longer it is when a whole hour has passed. Also if you have nits you can pass the time by getting them to crawl across your fingers.
  • Actually listen to what the teacher is saying. It might be interesting.*


And if none of that works and you are still all sadface about the last hour of school – Ask yourself – is being a teacher the right profession for you?


*don’t blame us if it’s not


Jae & El 🙂
Is it 3pm yet?

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