The one where we make a Doctor Who movie

Jae says:

I am going to tell you about something which is one of the best products we have ever reviewed. And not just because it kept the juniorlings occupied for days over the school holidays.

It’s because it helped us make a Doctor Who movie! And here it is:

The product we were reviewing is called the Honestech Claymation Studio and it’s a camera and software that enables children to make stop motion animation films. And you know the really cool thing about it?

The camera looks like a little dog:

The actual camera lens bit is in his nose, his legs form the tripod to keep him steady and he gets connected to the computer via a USB cable in his butt. Oh well, never mind little doggie.

The whole system was incredibly easy to use and Eye, who’s 9, had animated some of his Lego models within half an hour, without any adult help. When El and Eye worked on their Doctor Who movie together they were really co-operating and playing together well. At least I think they were. I had sneaked off to do some Mumstuff at that point.

We think the Claymation Studio is a really cool product that kid movie makers will love. It’s creative and fun. Claymation Studio 3.0 Deluxe costs £39.99 from Amazon and we think it’s well worth it. Would also be a good gift for a couple of kids to share.

As well as doggie cam, we were also sent another animation product to review: Crazy Talk 6 Professionalby Reallusion. This is harder to review as they sent us the more expensive Pro version by mistake. Eldad had a play with this – he is an animation expert as he makes cartoons for The Proper Telly. He thought it was great, but too advanced for home use.

For home movie fans, we reckon that Crazy Talk Animator (PC), which is around £30, looks like a better option.

The Crazy Talk system is all about animating faces. You can take any photo or picture you’ve made and turn it into a moving image. So again it’s very creative and fun. Or as we found out, it can be very, very disturbing.

You can even animate your own face, which is what El did with it. Probably best not to watch this if you’re under 12. Or alone. Or prone to nightmares. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Afraid, very afraid

with help from El

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