10 things you need to know about Animal Crossing New Leaf on the 3DS

El has been playing Nintendo’s Animal Crossing New Leaf all summer. Here are our previous posts:

This is our introduction to the game

and this is from when El had played it a lot more.

And so to round things off, here are her top tips:

  1. You can share pictures from the game with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.animal-leaf-new-crossing-3dsxl
  2. You can also send your friends special ACNL e-cards
  3. If you get the pre-loaded 3DS you can also use it to take pictures and send messages.
  4. You can download new, free content for the game from here
  5. If you hold down the B button your character will start to run fast. This will speed things up A LOT
  6. You can design your own clothes!
  7. You really should save up for your house deposit. Don’t be the only one in a tent.
  8. Hit the rocks. Sometimes they have valuable things inside…
  9. You can stack fruit.
  10. Get a net, a fishing rod and a shovel. They are essential!

But above all remember that there are lots of surprises in this game, and the more you play it, the more you will unlock!

Animal Crossing New Leaf is available for the Nintendo 3DS and costs about £28 for the game

El was sent a special 3DS XL which comes pre-loaded with Animal Crossing New Leaf. If you are thinking of getting one of these for a lucky someone for Christmas then do it soon because these are limited edition and it doesn’t look like there are too many left!

Hope you enjoy playing the game!

El & Jae
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Turning over a New Leaf on Animal Crossing

While we were on holiday we had NO INTERNETZ!!! Quelle horreur!

This meant that we read lots of books and also had lots of time to play Animal Crossing New Leaf.

This is the special Nintendo 3DS XL we were sent, which is pre-loaded with Animal Crossing. It’s got a bigger screen than the regular DS, and comes in white with lots of cute little symbols on it.



Basically Animal Crossing is your own little town and your neighbours are little animals that you can talk to. You can buy clothes, furniture etc and collect things.

There have been four Animal Crossing games released since 2001 and Animal Crossing New Leaf  which we are reviewing is the latest one which came out in June this year.

This is the first game in the series where the player gets to be the Mayor of the town instead of an ordinary villager. You play the game in real time according to the DS’s clock, so the game changes depending on the time of day and year. Can’t wait for Animal Crossing Christmas!

You can also customise it a lot, so everybody who plays will do it in a different way. El played it a  lot on holiday and developed her community.


More people are moving in to Ledworth (as she has called her village – Doctor Who fans will get the connection! Yes we know it’s really Leadworth) which means that there are more characters. El’s also figured out how to design her own clothes.

She’s started a thing to build a bridge and everyone has to donate to the project. There’s a little guy you can donate to.

More than one person can play on this game, so we let Eye have a go and this is what he thought: It’s very imaginative. I am a boy and not mayor. You can do a lot of things and it gives you responsibility like buying a house and donating money to projects. The 3D effect is really cool.

Once they were both playing, El and Eye could write letters to each other within the game which was fun. They were in the same town, but if you play with friends online you can visit each other’s towns.

Jae likes that this is quite a sweet game – no baddies; it’s more of an open-ended game about building a community. It’s a nice little world to escape into.


This is good stuff for kids to learn if they grow up and start a town on Mars. Yes that could happen.

This is a nice, restful escapist game suitable from around age 7. Probably more of interest to girls but we think some boys might like it too.

You can do lots of other things with the Nintendo 3DS and Animal Crossing New Leaf, so we’ll tell you a bit about this in the next post.

El & Jae
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Animal Crossing New Leaf is out now for Nintendo 3DS, or if you get the console shown here it is already pre-loaded

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