Children’s book review: Pegasus and the Flame by Kate O’Hearn

Today we have a guest review from Eye, El’s 8 year old brother, and a tip for how you can get free kids’ books.

A while ago, Eye read about the Hachette children’s books review crew in the back of one of his How to Train Your Dragon books. We went on to the website and filled in his details. We didn’t expect to hear anything else, but then a package arrived with a free book for Eye! He was so pleased.

Eye received Pegasus and the Flame by Kate O’Hearn

It was quite long for a children’s book (over 350 pages), but he read it all and this is his review:

Eye says:

“I like that this book has two stories – one of them is myth, and one of them is in real life New York. Then some of the mythical stuff comes to New York city. Pegasus the winged horse crashes on to a roof and another man crashes on to the streets and another mythical person crashes in to Central Park.

The characters are trying to save Olympus before the Olympic flame burns out. This is an exciting story with lots of action. Boys and girls aged 9 and over would like this book. Some of the words I found a bit hard but I kept reading because it’s a good story.”

So it’s a big thumbs up from Eye for this book, and a recommendation for the review crew if you are interested in reviewing new children’s books.

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The people at Kelloggs got in touch with Jae and asked if we wanted to try their new cereal, Mini Max. Hey, that’s OK says Jae We already tried it. I bought it myself from the supermarket with actual Jaecash. We liked it, we’ll probably buy it again.

Please note that we were NOT on the blag. That’s OK actually means No thank you and To be honest, I think I’ll struggle to get a blog post out of cereal.

Anyway, they still wanted to send us some, so we said OK and thought maybe they’d send a box or something.

They sent 10 boxes! I think they’d heard about the blogger who got sent one shoe to review and were a bit scared.

So we did what any sensible druid would do and made Mini Max Henge

Alfresco El

El says: Mini Max = Very Yummy! Although we do not recommend eating it in the evening because it is high energy and we went a bit crazy and had a bit too much.

Mini Max – it’s wholegrain, it’s got a little bit of frosting, either eat it with milk or use it to make a prehistoric monument.


PS Can you spot the garden gnome in the background of the pic???

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Music from history that kids today need to know about: No 5 – The Jesus and Mary Chain

The Jesus and Mary Chain were the Jedward of their day – brothers, with big hair, regional accents, a limited vocal range and VERY VERY NOISY. Their music was renowned for being particularly good at attracting UFOs down from the sky, something which Jedward are as yet unable to do.

Jae saw The Jesus and Mary Chain live in Belfast and they were excellent, although they only played for 20 minutes, which was a bit irritating when you’ve paid a whole £6 for a concert ticket. Jae’s parents used to wind her up by calling them Jesus and the Mary Chain. Oh what larks we had in 1985.

Look out for Bobby Gillespie  from Primal Scream looking cool in this video. We haven’t met Primal Scream yet in our music from history lessons but I have a feeling we will.

As Michael Rosen would say: THE NOISE!

This one is a bit more melodic, but still with an overlay of NOISE. They kind of let the side down by sitting on a beach, but redeem themselves by doing so in leather jackets:


Possibly not suitable for Eurovision.

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Music from history that kids today need to know about: No 4 – Pop Will Eat Itself

Ok kids I think you will like this one, especially the fast food-inspired chorus. This later influenced Lady Gaga in the lesser known first version of her hit Poker Face, which was originally titled Pizza Face (Pah-pah-pah Pizza Face Pah-pah Pizza face).

It’s Pop Will Eat Itself with Def Con One :


Pop Will Eat Itself (or The Eaties as they were sometimes known) were pioneers in the ‘songs made of bits of other things’ genre.  They had a lot of trouble with nits and sunburn, leading to the band’s ultimate demise.

Some of them later went on to form Bentley Rhythm Ace, who made this video which won Best Use of Swingball And Waffles at the MTV Awards:


Where are the Swingball and waffles in today’s music, that’s what I want to know?



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Mothers Day – A live blog post

Hello El here. I’ve decided to live blog mothers day from a childs point of view. ElDad is away so it’s up to me and Eye to make mothers day perfect for Jae. It is also my first ever live blog so wish me luck!

5:55 – I am woken up by Dennis the Cat. He is padding at my leg. Occasionally it feels quite nice, like when he walks on my back and it feels like a mini massage, but mostly it is quite annoying.

7:10 – After snoozing for a bit I go on the iPad and try to find somthing to watch on BBC iPlayer. I find nothing that I haven’t already watched so I go on Tap Zoo 2 and pick up the coins that are magically floating above the animals heads.

7:40 – I put on my TV and watch some Teleshopping. I make a mental note to recommend a steamer thingy to Jae. It looks really good. I then get annoyed by the demonstation man’s voice. I change the channel.

8:15 – I creep into Jae’s room to see if she’s awake. She’s not. I cannot see her face and she looks a bit like a puffball sticking out of the duvet. I leave her alone.

8:30 – After re-aranging some of my posters for a bit  I check on Jae again. She is still in her Puffball state. I go and talk to Eye who is also up.

8:31 – I force Eye to clean his desk because it is a tip and it would amuse me to watch him tidy it. I help a bit.

9:00 – We check on Jae. The Puffball has not moved. Assuming she was completly unconscious I wisper to her to try and plant subliminal messages to get her up. Suddenly the Puffball whispered “What did I tell you about not waking me up?” Me and Eye run for our lives.

9:05 – I go back in. All is forgiven. Jae is demanding tea.

9:15 – Me and Eye bring tea and toast. The toast has homemade jam on it (not homemade by us, we’re too lazy but homemade all the same).

9:16 – Me and Eye eagerly bring in our presents for Jae. I have got her:

Sewn with love!

A cuddly heart that I made myself. I have sewn the word mum into it.

A nail varnish (dark purple).

A 100g bar of Bubbly Galexy Bar.

Eye has got her:

A box of Milk Tray – one of them is called Nut Secret and not Nazi Secret as we first thought by mistake

A 230g bar of Cadbury Fruit & Nut

And from us both:

A box of Lindlt

A 200g bar of Cadbury Bournville.

Choccies for mum!

We have no wrapping paper so it is wrapped up in old Dr Who comic pages. We show her the pictures we like best. “Look mum there’s Rory!”

9:30 – Jae banishes us so that she can read her kindle. She is reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens for her book group.

10:00 – Eye starts to watch our rented copy of Johnny English Reborn. I decide to live blog mothers day.

11:30 – Jae gets out of bed after reading Great Expectations.

12:00 – Jae does ironing and doesn’t moan about it. She says that’s her Mothers Day gift to us.

1pm – We make chocolate fairy cakes and put a square of Bourneville chocolate inside each one. Yummy!!! We also sing along to Pink I don’t want to be a stupid girl because we don’t. And I do a bit of a dance to So What.

2:30 – I go to the shops to return Johnny English Reborn and to buy essentials such as biscuits.  I do not realise until it is too late that milk + bread + biscuits + Flora + thin carrier bag handles = Pain!

3:10 – Our friend and her little baby come round for tea and cakes. We have not seen them in a while as they have been in Cyprus.

4:00 – Poomaggedon! Baby does a huge poo. As me and Jae are talking we hear our friend going WOW! as she gazes at her babys poo explosion. I go for a look.

6:15 – Our friend and her baby leave. We were sad to see them leave as I was teaching the baby to high five.

7:00 – Jae does more ironing. Still not grumbling but might be secretely inside. I do my spanish homework.

Happy Mothers Day from El and Jae

7:30 – I finish my homework. Here is a little bit:

Mi madre Jae tiene los ojos azules. Tiene el pelo corto, liso y rubio. Mi madre es guapa, activa, simpatica y graciosa.

Which translated into english is:

My mum Jae has blue eyes. She has short, straight and blonde hair. My mum is good looking, active, nice and funny.

8:00 – I have a shower. I am now clean and smell a lot nicer.

9:00 – Bedtime! Jae is staying up to keep her chocolate company and to welcome ElDad as he arrives home from Wales.

Hope you had a lovely Mothers Day with your mum or your child

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Competition: Win the movies

Just letting you know that over at Jae’s other blog, she has a competition running where you can win some classic old films like Casablanca on DVD and Blu Ray. Scoot on over here to enter, it’s easy peasy.

They came in a package from Warner Bros, who sometimes send us DVDs to review. However, what Jae doesn’t mention on her blog post though is

I'd like to thank the Academy...

that the package also contained two chocolate Oscar lollypops. She’s not giving them away as a prize. In fact they haven’t been mentioned at all since they arrived in our house. What could possibly have happened to them? I know the head fell off one. Where could it be now?

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Doctor Who, BBC is there anything this guy won’t sing about?

AWESOME VIDEO ALERT! AND THE NEXT ONE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with this 100% Mitch Benn. Nobody ring up during Doctor Who!


El 🙂

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Ivor Cutler spot the odd one out

Here is a spot the odd one out game featuring the work of one of Eljae’s all time favourite artistes: Ivor Cutler


1st person to get it right wins the prize of: We will save your life when the apocalypse comes.

This track, Pickle Your Knees, was last seen in El’s music homework, when the whole class sang along (years ago I might add):


Sing along, this is a jolly one:


Who knew Ivor Cutler did voiceovers for plasticine rockers?



Comment below and have us scoop you out of a volcano or whatever.


El and Jae

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Live blogging Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy

As you may have noticed, Eljae are quite taken with the TV show Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy.

Jae watches it on a Thursday night, partly for the LOLs and partly to see if it is suitable for 12 year old El to watch after school on Friday. Some of them have been a bit too sweary,and so far El has only been able to watch episodes 2 and 5.

Tonight, people on the internets have been complaining that NFLC is not actually funny at all. The rumour is that it is, in fact, terrible. So tonight Jae is going to live blog the show in order to ascertain

a) is it any good?

b) should El be allowed to watch?

Stay tuned…We kick off at 10pm on E4. Leave a comment here or tweet along @ #luxurycomedy

ooh, yeah, Luxury Comedy

Tonight’s episode is called Tiger With Chlamydia, so really it could go either way on the family-friendly front.

Last week there was no Dolly or Andy Warhol, so hoping for double action from them this week.

10pm We’re off! And there’s a reference to testicle shaving in the first minute. But I think we can let that go. It’s a 12 rating we’re after, not PG.

10:01pm Double Andy Warhol, yes! Just call me Mystic Meg.

10:02pm Plasticine Joey Ramone with faux Ivor Cutler voice over. Marvellous! Though not as good as The Ramones or real Ivor Cutler, but in the absence of both of them it’ll do.

10:05pm I’m not that keen on Sgt Boombox, the US cop with the talking arm wound, but El likes him. I think it’s because he’s yellow like The Simpsons.

10:08pm This sketch has gone on for far too long

10:09pm oo, the Lion, we like him. And a new character, Allen Key. He’s got potential.

10:11pm aw, poor Dondylion. El will weep at that. And first sighting of the F word! At this rate El won’t be seeing this episode, but on the good side at least she be spared being traumatised by the lion’s fate.


10:16pm So if I show this to my child, there’s no avoiding the What is chlamydia? conversation. Hmm. That’s not something I expected to have to think about …erm…ever, in fact.

10:18pm Thankfully Diamondback and his flamingo have lifted the mood. But where is Dolly?

10:20pm oops, b-grade swear word, or a rude word for poo as it’s known in our house.

10:22pm And again with the chlamydia chat! Good outfit though, very Willy Wonka

10:23pm The MF word in the last few minutes! My child, I fear you won’t be seeing this one. Still, you can always read the live blog.

10:26pm Yay, Dolly! She’s the best thing on this.

10:28pm Well, that was quick. Not the best episode, but it had its highlights for sure. So,

a) is it any good? Sometimes, and if somebody stitches together all the best bits on Youtube that will be a CRACKER.

b) will I let El watch it? I’ll sleep on it, but at the moment the intermittent swearing and references to foof-diseases is steering me towards a no. Which is a shame, because there’s a lot for kids to love here.

What do you think? Vote in the comments box!



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Brace yourself London, here come the bloggers!

On Sunday we had a blogging trip to London. This is like a normal trip, but you blog about it. Plus we brought an extra blogger as Daisy’s Amazing Random Stuff Extravaganza came too. She even offered to wear glasses, even though she has perfect eyesight. That’s the effect of the Eljae. And here we are!:

We went to the Southbank Centre Imagination Children’s festival, where there was a discussion by children’s authors who’d won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. It’s World Book Day season so we were in the mood for some AUTHOR CHAT.

First of all we saw Cathy Cassidy signing books, and took a sneaky pic. Look there she is in the background behind El.

Thumbs up for Cathy Cassidy

Then we saw Michael Rosen, Liz Pichon, Louise Rennison and Philip Ardagh talking about their books. They were super funny. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! LR even irish danced for us.

And then we met Louise Rennison, who wrote Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging and Withering Tights.

We love Louise Rennison!

Thank you to the Southbank Centre for giving us tickets to the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. They have lots of cool events for kids and families so check them out.

It was a beautiful sunny day by the river, we had ice cream and there was wifi, which is all you need for a bloggers’ day out.

El and Jae
Back in Brighton, reading

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