What’s El been up to?

Hello there my little squidglings and how are you today? Is that new? It suits you!
My apologies (Or apo-logees as they say in Blackadder. Well in one episode. And they only said it twice.) for not writing recently but we have been on our holibobs! (We’ll write about that later when I’ve finished my movie about it.)

Seeing as it’s been so long  I thought I’d give you my top 3 things I’ve been doing recently.

1. Went on holidays to France as mentioned above. We all had a lovely time, ElDad celebrated a lovely birthday there.








2. Went to the Olympics. I saw football and beach volleyball with Eye. (And an adult  obviously.) The relative we went with (lets call him Bee) was also a Gamesmaker and saw some basketball and handball. He also guarded some stairs and scanned some tickets. He really enjoyed it!

3. Made an animation about Dr Who with Eye. I did that today actually. Hopefully if we are able to put it on YouTube you’ll be able to see it!







Must go now but I hope you have a beautiful day! And if you’re reading this at night and your day is basically over then I hope tomorrow is beautiful.

TTFN (I love saying that)

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Season’s greetings!

The Christmas season is our favourite time of year. Jae’s birthday is on 10th December, then it’s Christmas Day when we go down to Brighton beach to eat chocolate oranges. And then on the 27th it’s El’s birthday!

The only trouble with Christmas is that once it’s over you have to wait a whole year for it to come around again.

Or do you?

Last week we went to a bunch of Christmas previews, where companies show off all their Christmas treats. It was kind of a weird thing to do on a Summer day but good fun.

First of all we went to Sainsburys. There were lots of food bits, little hampers of cheeses and stuff like that but we sniffed the air and pounced on the CHOCOLATE!

Daintily naturally. We had a reputation to upheld.
El particularly liked the chocolate covered pretzels which were situated near some sweet apple and cinnamon popcorn (also scrummy). There was cake in the shape of a snowman, called Snowie, salted caramel cream, mistletoe shaped sprinkles, macaroon making kits, and even one of those make your own gingerbread house kits. But it wasn’t all about the food.

We had a nosey round the gift section and spotted a Lego Darth Vader alarm clock, some Lego bag tags (not a great gift in El’s opinion, what child has ever asked Santa for a Lego bag tag?!), some Pacman themed stuff (Jae was surprised that El knew what pacman was), a new Kung Fu Panda game called Po’s Winter Wonderland (prompting giggles from El as a po is also a kind of chamber pot), a Master Moves Mickey Mouse (with over 15 moves in his repertoire), really the list goes on and on.

Then we went to Thorntons. There were three rooms full of as much chocolate as you could eat, plus a giant chocolate Christmas tree. And an elf with a rubber chicken. No, we have no idea either.

We met Keith, the Thorntons Master Chocolatier, whose job it is to think up new flavours of chocolate. His job also involves eating a lot of chocolate, about a kilo a day! (We don’t quite belive that he eats that much as he is a slim man.) What a dream job.

He let us interview him and Jae asked him serious questions. El asked him if he prefered white, milk or dark chocolate. Milk apparently.

Keith says that chocolate changes like fashion – nowadays they have chocolate with salt in which people in the past would’ve thought was bonkers. But we tried some and it was actually quite nice.

We sampled lots of the new Thorntons range and the one we really liked is the Family Night In, where you have to spin a wheel to decide which choccie you get. Let fate decide!

Then we went to Argos, where there were lots of new toys such as Monopoly and Game of Life that you can use with an iPad, and a funny little yellow robotty thing called My Keepon which El was totally hypnotised by.

And of course the newly relaunched Furby, which has eyes that can see into your soul.

Emma Bunton of the Spice Girls was launching her new range of clothes for little kids. They were all really cute and not all pinky.

So that was our fun day of Christmas in July. Only trouble is, now we are impatient to see Father Christmas again!


Merry Eljaemas!

El and Jae
Making a list, checking it twice

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Just call him Sir Dad…

The thing about being in our family is, you never know what’s going to happen.

So, last week ElDad went to Stonehenge and got knighted by King Arthur.

As you do.

Please don’t chop my head off!

ElDad great time and he stayed up all night.

Even though it rained. A lot.

Only trouble is, now we don’t know whether it’s Sir Dad, Lord Dad or His Dadness.

What do you vote for?



El & Jae

Ladies of the Realm

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Happy Birthday Eye!

Today is Eye’s 9th birthday. If you’ve not met him before, Eye is El’s little brother. He was born on Friday 13th on the 13th floor of the hospital in Room 13 and is our special lucky charm.

Here he is with his Under the Sea/Turtle birthday cake.

We made it with blue butter icing and stuck on sea creature jelly sweets. In the middle it’s sponge cake with jam and chocolate spread between the layers. Yum yums!

If you are wondering what nine year old boys like for their birthday, for Eye it was a set of bongos, lots of books and audio books, colouring pencils (posh ones in a tin), a T shirt that says Turtles Rock and Star Wars Kinect game. Also nine year old boys like hugs, special stones, turtles and Doctor Who. And a card made by El saying ‘If you breach copyright I will SUE YOU!!!’ on the back.

Unfortunately he had to go to school and he had the evil supply teacher of doom who is evil. Did I mention she’s evil? (El has been taught by her before and she has a nasty habit of accusing people of things they haven’t done).

But all in all it was a great day and lots of Swingball was played and lots of Malteasers were eaten.

So we all hope you had a happy day filled with joy!


Birthday Baboons.

PS Sorry for not many posts lately but we have been thinking about you. xxx

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Cybher – our day in sketches

El and Jae at Cybher!

We are all pooped out today because we spent yesterday at Cybher, the blogging conference for women (and girls) who blog.

El was mega chuffed to meet another El – it was superstar blogger El from A Thrifty Mrs, as seen on Superscrimpers and Harry Hill’s TV Burp. WE LOVE YOU EL.

El, meet El

We also met the guys from the Leather Satchel Company, which was great because El takes one of their satchels to school every day – we love them too.

And we met the Disney people and told them the world needs More Muppets, so hopefully they will take heed.

At lunchtime we had a crisp shaped like a heart! And other stuff too of course.

The crisp of love

We liked the pink lights, sweeties on the table and the cool bags.

El recorded the day in sketches, and here are some of them:

What’s it called again?

We loved Biba‘s talk about apps, and even more we loved the bunny hair clip in her hair. At least we think it was a hair clip, and not a tiny baby bunny perched very still.

That’s one appy bunny

Everywhere you looked, people were tweeting and iPading at the tables:

Sketching is like tweeting from the past

El had no iPhone so she had to make her own:

No batteries required

We went to some workshops and picked up some great blogging tips:

They don’t teach us this stuff in school!

Everybody we met was really nice, it was like a big friendly community:

Oh yes we are

We found out lots of things about technology:

Make friends with your tech

We learned how to re-design your blog:

Bloggybloggyblogblog.com that is

A big hello to all the lovely bloggers we met at Cybher, thanks to Sian for putting it all together.

Oh yeah!

El & Jae 🙂

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(Harry) Pottering around in Pottermore

Jae says:

I used to have a lovely daughter called El. Then she disappeared to a strange land. She got there via the computer, and not platform 9 3/4. For this land was called Pottermore, and it’s JK Rowling’s new online world of Harry Potter.

Will I ever see El again, now that she’s gone to Wizard school? At least she eventually came out of the wardrobe after that day trip to Narnia, though she did have a lot of snow on her boots.

The good news for parents is that Pottermore is free, it keeps the little pests darlings quiet for hours and they might even be inspired to read a book afterwards. That’s assuming they ever come back.

El says:

Years and years ago in the mists of time my dad bought me Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. In the first chapter Harry’s parents die. Waaaay too scary for little old me. So it sat on a shelf for years gathering dust. And then I found it. And I read and I read. And it was good. Really good. I gradually devoured the series. And years on I still love it.

So when I heard that Pottermore was finally up and running (after lots of delays) I signed up as soon as I remembered to. I’m a Ravenclaw, my wand is 10 3/4, hard, pine wood and the core is phoenix feather.

It’s better if you’ve read the books before going on Pottermore, because otherwise you won’t know what’s going on. The website picks out important moments from each chapter of each book, though only the first one is available now. So when you are on the site you can pick stuff up, unlock new material and make potions which gives you house points. Sometimes I’ve gone on to the site and it hasn’t worked – maybe it’s too busy?

Pottermore gives you a user name so you don’t use your real name. You can connect with your friends if you know their user name but don’t connect with anyone you don’t know because they might not be as spectacular as you. You can give your friends a nickname you choose to help you remember who they are.

I like Diagon Alley and the sorting hat the best because they’re very interactive. In Diagon Alley you can buy a wand and an animal – that animal then becomes your avatar. I’m a barn owl!

I wish there were more mini games, but I enjoyed the making potions (even though they take a long time) and duelling.

Over all, if you’re a Harry Potter fan then Pottermore is an absolute must. You get to pretend that you really are at Hogwarts doing magical stuff. 4.5 stars out of 5.


El 🙂

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El and Jae’s Cybher Meet and Greet

El and Jae say hello!

El and Jae are really excited to be going to Cybher, the all-female blogging conference in London on 12 May. If you are going please say hello to us – we are easy to spot as we will both have our glasses on and we are probably the only mother and daughter bloggers.

El says:

I have never been to a conference before because I am only 12. I have this terrible feeling that everyone will look down their noses at me and be really snooty but mum says bloggers are friendly. I am interested in meeting people and hearing the talks but a bit scared – mum says there will be hundreds of bloggers there. I hope mum doesn’t do anything too embarassing like start dancing.

Jae says:

I love being around a bunch of techy women, it’s so inspiring. I am looking forward to meeting a big mix of bloggers and learning a lot at the various session. When I was a little girl my mum took me on the first peace marches in Belfast and I’ve never forgotten this. I hope that Cybher has a big impact on El and opens her eyes to what women can do. I wasn’t planning to dance but now that somebody has mentioned it…

Names: El and Jae. We do have other names which you will have to guess. Clue: It’s not Rumpelstiltskin

Blog: Eljae.com Jae also has another blog which she has been writing for 5 years called Joanne the Coach

Twitter ID: Only Jae is on Twitter @joannemallon

Height: Jae is 5’4″ El is pocket sized

Hair: Short & blonde, long & strawberry blonde

Five things you should know about us…

  1. We love Glee!, Brighton, Doctor Who and wearing glasses
  2. We have a cat called Dennis who is very grumpy and likes to bite our toes but we love him really
  3. El loves The Apprentice, Blackadder, Watchdog and The Gadget Show. Jae loves The Office: An American Workplace, 24 and Deadwood.
  4. El has read more books at age 12 than Jae has read in her whole life
  5. We love nerds.

Please leave a comment and say hello to us on the day if you are going to Cybher. You can meet more people who’ll be there at the Meet & Greet page here.

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Vote El! (And also Jae!)

Remember how exciting it was that Jae was nominated for a blogging award? Well, now it gets even better as THIS ACTUAL BLOG has been nominated for an award too. So El is probably the youngest blog awards nominee at age 12, and Jae could also be the oldest at age 5 billion.

El and Eye say: Please vote! How can you refuse cute faces like this?

Eljae.com has been nominated in the Most Innovative Blog category at the MAD Blog Awards. El was unsure of what Innovative actually means, until Jae explained that it essentially means you are Queen of the Nerds.

So how are we innovative? We don’t do many videos or fancy stuff. This is what we do that’s new

  • This blog is glasses-powered, which is useful when the electricity runs out
  • It’s written by a parent and child. In the olden days parents used to blog about their children, until the kids started objecting to the adults taking pictures of their best poos and posting them online. We think that more parents and children should write blogs together, it’s fun.
  • When we get excited we grow moustaches

    Even our facial hair is innovative

So please pop over here to the nominations page and add www.Eljae.com to the Most Innovative Blog category.

And here is a message from our turtle:

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Vote Jae!

Brilliant news – Jae has been nominated for Best Blog Writer and Blog of the Year at the MAD (Mum and Dad) Blog Awards. You can read all about it on her blog here.

But Jae needs more nominations to get through to the next round. Please help! This is why you should vote for Jae

  • She is a good blog writer who knows a lot of words, many of them real
  • She is good at spelling and only has to look up some words
  • She has been writing her blog for 5 years and has never won anything before
  • Jae is really special because she is our mummy
  • If you vote we will do happy face

    Help us have happy faces!

  • If not we will do sad face

    Save us from sadness!

  • I really love her and she’s so special and she really deserves it and she’s so kind and selfless and makes excellent mash.

So please save us from SAD FACE and Vote Jae.

To vote Jae, go to this page and put in Jae’s blog address:   http://joannemallon.typepad.com/joanne_the_coach/  in the Best Blog Writer category and if you really really like it, vote Jae for Blog of the Year as well.

Please Vote Jae!


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How To Deal With Chocolate Related Sore Stomachs – A Random Wisdom

On a shelf in our living room where Jae and ElDad store books they never read I have lined up my collection of Easter eggs.

Mmmmmmmm...... Choccy.....

I have 7 (plus 2 mini creme egg sized ones) in total including a Dr Who one, a Glee one (with free mug!), a Galaxy one and a Creme Egg one.
I’m not intending to eat them ALL on easter sunday alone however I am going to eat A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, what do you do to avoid that dreadful sore feeling you get after stuffing yourself with the sweet stuff?

Errrrrrrr… Nothing! That’s the best bit!

Happy Easter from us and our glasses!

El 🙂

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