2012 – an extremely Eljae year

El and Jae say Happy New Year

El and Jae say Happy New Year

We’re just squeezing in a last post as 2012 draws to a close.

So – how was it for you? Did you enjoy the Olympics? Did you do Gangnam Style? Did the rain fall on your lovely head?

This is what we liked about 2012 (not necessarily in order):

1. The royal pregnancy being announced. 
El is very into the royal family as she considers them to be history in the making (El is into history). When she heard about it El did a happy dance. We look forward to seeing the baby in 2013. (Will it be a boy or girl?)

2. Diamond Jubilee
60 years on the throne! How do we celebrate? Draw some boats in the rain. Marvellous!

 3. Olympics
Other than getting to watch a bit live and the opening and closing ceremonies El was a bit ‘whatever’ about the whole thing. She’s not that sporty. We just put it in because the Queen parachuted out a helicopter. Jae enjoyed it all more than she expected to.

4. The aliens landing
Only Jae really knows about this and no one believes her. But you will in 2013.

All in all it’s been a good year. And now 2012 is ending and El is now a teenager. Will we get out of it alive???????

Happy New Year, we love you!!!!

El and Jae
New year, same old bloggers

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Teenmageddon Approaches

El is turning into a teenager soon.

Jae is scared.

But at least El is still polite.


El and Jae
Balancing on a precipice. Send chocolate.

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Live blogging Stephen Fry:Gadget Man

I am a MASSIVE fan of Stephen Fry and I ADORED the last episode so I have decided to live blog this new episode of Stephen Fry: Gadget Man. Wish me luck!

If you are not aware of this series, then it is basically Stephen Fry telling us about awesome gadgets. This episode promises to be particularly good as DERREN BROWN will appear at some point. It is annoying that it overlaps with the Gadget Show but that show has gone a little down hill since Suzi Perry left.


8:32 – No it’s not, it’s late.

8:33 – Here we go, here we go!

8:33 – HE’S GOT A BEARD! An awesome beard.

8:34 – INTRO OVER!

8:35 – Hee hee, his shopping trolley was stalking him.

8:36 – I like his fork. AHHHHHHH IT’S THE STALKER TROLLEY AGAIN! And it fancies Stephen Fry. Sweet.

8:38 – He has a wine app. Might have to tell Jae about that…


8:39 – I like that little stirrer. It’s cute. OMG TOUCH SCREEN HOB!

8:41 – That sausage is in a cage…

8:42 – There’s an app for that. THERE’S AN APP THAT TELL YOU WHEN THE MEAT IS COOKED IN YOUR BBQ!!!!!!!!!

8:43 – I’m liking the gadgets of the past – CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!

8:44 – MOMENTARY FLASH OF DERREN BROWN OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:45 – Ad break.

8:47 – Ooooo I like that vacum cleaner.


8:49 – Ewwwwwwwwwwww soup!

8:50 – I like his yellow jumper. SUCCULANT STEAK!

8:50 – GADGET CHIPS! I’m all of a flutter. Oh hang on I don’t like Jo Brand. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DERREN BROWN *starts hyperventilating*

8:52 – My life is complete. Ahhhhhh DB. HE’S EATING SOUP!

8:53 – World’s biggest wine opener. Derren Brown. Stephen Fry. My life is complete

8:54 – DB is so going to steal that thing.

8:55 – Oooooo Derren Brown is so clever.

8:56 – Why is he putting ice in a hamster ball?

8:57 – CHOCOLATE PRINTER! WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DERREN BROWN CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:58 – I like his igloo.

9:00 – Help! It’s Lord Sugar! Oh poop it’s over.

Well I hope you enjoyed my take on this amazing show and I hope my capital letters didn’t creep you out. I’m just really exited. 😀

Gadget Girl

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Stir it up, it’s Christmas cake time

Today is known as Stir Up Sunday, a time when people traditionally make their Christmas pudding. Have you been making a Christmas Pudding? We have been making a Christmas cake.

This is part of Jae’s secret plan to offload stuff like this on to El. One day Jae’s hands will turn into claws because of too much typing, so she needs to have a spare pair of hands all trained up and ready.

In our house the Christmas cake making is a bit more involved because we make two cakes so that we can give the extra one away.

We never know exactly who to give the extra cake to, but somebody who deserves it always pops up. Last year we cut the extra cake into four and gave away 4 mini cakes. Turns out there were a lot of good people around last year.

So who will get the extra cake this year? Whoever it is, it’s OK if they have a nut allergy cos we forgot to put the almonds in!

And if you’ve never made a Christmas cake, it’s very very easy – we use Mary Berry’s recipe and it always works.

El and Eye don’t really like Christmas cake because it is tastes of fruit and alcohol, (though this is exactly why Jae and Eldad like it). The icing is nice though.


El and Jae
Don’t mention the almonds

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Extreme Reading: A half term special

Ah, the half term. A chance to go out, enjoy yourself and get up a bit later than usual. So what does El do?

What she always does! She reads. That’s the best thing about half term really – more reading time.

The Rule of El: Never leave the house without a minimum of 5 books

What will happen if you leave the house with less than 5 books? We don’t know, we’ve never tried.

And now here are some tips from El to help you enjoy your book fully.

When reading a book set in the past why not travel back in time and really get a feel of the era.

If you wish to focus upon your book more then read it next to a beautiful castle and carefully ignore it.

And of course if you go to see a show, always take a book in case the show is boring


And remember – never let a day out get in the way of having a good read.

El & Jae
Book, book, book, book, book

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A day of dogs and zombies

What’s got six legs, lots of hair and blogs?

It’s El and Phileas Dogg!

A blogger meet up at Brighton Pavilion!

Yesterday we were honoured with a visit from Attlee AKA top dog blogger Phileas Dogg and his human companion Jane. They had come to check out how dog-friendly Brighton is. Alas not so much, as it turns out you can’t take dogs on the pier.

Weirdly, yesterday was also the day of the Zombie Beach Walk, and so whilst they didn’t allow dogs on the pier, they did allow zombies. There were THOUSANDS of them. We’d like to imagine what people would have thought if they hadn’t known what was going on.


And Attlee made friends with a zombie dog. Well as friendly as you can be with a zombie who probably wants to eat your brains. Actually it seems Attlee was the scarier hound.

So thank you to Attlee and Jane and all the zombies for visiting Brighton. It was hair-raising to say the least!

El and Jae
Raised from the dead

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Oy! You! Get Over Here and Wash Your Mucky Face


Sorry, please don’t think us rude.

Oy! is a new brand of skincare from Green People, and it stands for Organic Young. It’s designed to help with breakouts of spots and heal the skin at the same time. It’s the first certified organic and fairly traded range for young skin.

It’s aimed at teen skin, and as El is almost 13 (Jae shudders), she was asked to try it out.

El was sent the Oy! Cleanse & Moisturise and Oy! Foaming Clear Skin Face Wash and has been using them for the last few weeks.

Oy! Cleanse & Moisturise contains Willow Bark, Green Tea and Rosemary. You can use it for taking off make-up, cleansing your skin and moisturising it afterwards.

Cleanse & Moisturise – The Verdict
El has been mostly using it as a moisturiser but has been trying the cleanser side as well. No water is actually needed which is handy as El can do it in her room, without having to get up and ACTUALLY MOVE! To cleanse, all that is required is to rub it on your skin and then wipe it off. Lovely jubbly! To moisturise (MOISTURISE ME! MOISTURISE ME!) you must dab it into your skin and leave it in. El has been enjoying it very much.

At £9.95 for 50ml this is a more expensive product than we would normally buy. But it’s organic and Fair Trade and inevitably that doesn’t come cheap. But they have a brilliant offer on right now at Green People here where you get a free Hit the Spot blend as well, which is worth £4.99, so that sounds totally worth it.

Oy! Foaming Clear Skin Face Wash costs £11.95 for 100 ml, but is also on special offer at the moment and you get a Hit the Spot oil free with it. It contains organic Green Tea, Witch Hazel, Sage, Tea Tree and Willow Bark.

Foaming Face Wash – The Verdict
El liked that this foamed up like soap but didn’t leave her skin feeling dried out like soap can. It was fun to use El has been spot free since using this (although she usually is). El absolutely in love with this face wash. She would definitely recommend this and the Cleanser above.

After a few weeks of using these products El has slightly gone Gollum my precious over these products.

Jae and El 🙂
Squeaky Clean

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Extreme Reading – a new Olympic sport?

The thing we really liked about the Olympics was that there was a sport for everybody.

Actually, not quite.

Where were the bookworm sports? Maybe next time. El has been practising her Extreme Reading.

Event One: Reading whilst walking

Event Two: Reading whilst climbing

The Finals: Reading in the winner’s enclosure


El & Jae
Read any good books lately?

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Here is the First News!

We are in this week’s issue of First News, the children’s newspaper! You can find us on page 16

The Daily El

Hello if you have come to visit after reading First News.

We are dead proud and a big thanks to First News for putting us in. 😀

We’ve bought 3 copies. The lady at the till gave a weird look. Oh well!

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Derren Brown. Nuff said.

Hello there my dears. A couple of posts ago when I wrote about what I’ve been up to I deliberately missed out the most exiting thing that happened to me.

I went to a Derren Brown live show.


It was INCREDIBLE! If you have been living in a cave or have an objection to Channel 4 or something and you don’t know who Derren Brown is then allow me to explain.

He is an amazing magician / illusionist / mind reader. Plus he’s really good at painting. And instead of saying cheese on toast he calls it toast under cheese. Genius!

Derren Brown is not just a man who performs tricks, he is so much more. He’s incredibly deep and meaningful in what he does. His last televised series was 4 specials called the Experiments. He looked at luck and crowd anonymity and he convinced a man he’d killed someone. Oh and he got someone to kill Stephen Fry. Not really, Stephen Fry’s fine. Fake gun and blood packs. But there was this audience who thought he’d been killed. If you want to check it out they’re all on 4od.

The show I went to see was called Svengali and it was AMAZING!!! I won’t give anything away though because he asked us not to. I’m too devoted to disobey him.

At one point he got a bit he was doing wrong. It’s not his fault it’s the human race’s fault for not having arms that reach to their feet. I think that’s great though because it proves that he’s not using actors or anything.

Derren Brown has also written two books called Tricks of the Mind and Confessions of a Conjuror. The latter is my favorite as it’s like an autobiography.

I went with a friend which made the experience even more fun. We went on the train together. Awesome!

At one point Derren Brown was in the crowd and he was at the end of my row and I was about 4 seats away from him. In my head I was just thinking ‘Omg! Omg! He’s so real!’

The night I saw a Derren Brown live show was possibly the best night of my life, even the night I was born (that was just messy and painful for everyone). I have vowed that I will see another Derren Brown show even if I’m old and manky. Unless he stops doing them, then I will cry.

So that is my Derren Brown experience. He’s so awesome it hurts. If you haven’t seen any of his shows then do! Now!

Derren Brown Worshipper.

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