Guess how much we love you?

We were recently asked if we’d like to review personalised valentines cakes.

So who could we get a personalised message for? Who do we love with all our hearts, more than anything? Who is our special valentine?

Why, it’s you, dear readers. This is how much we love you, expressed via cake:




This is a letterbox cake from Baker Days. It is quite a small cake, but then if it was too big it wouldn’t fit in the letterbox. We thought it was really cute!

There are lots of different flavours of cake – we tried the chocolate and it was mega yummy. The cakes are pretty dinky so it just makes 4 slices so alas there isn’t any left for you dear readers. But we thought of you when we were eating it, we really did!




It was very easy to add in the personalisation on the website and you can see how your cake will look before you order. There were loads of different designs for Valentine cakes, you can even upload your own photo if you want to eat somebody’s face.

The only thing we would add on the website would be a search box. We wanted to search for turtle-themed cakes for Eye but it was not possible to do this. We chose the owly design because we thought it was cute and we liked to think the owls were a bit like us. 🙂

The cake comes really well packaged inside a padded cake tin (which you can keep) packed inside a sturdy box. We thought the cake might come bashed and squashed but it was perfect. So you can send it to your love even if they are far far away in Narnia and the cake will arrive nice and fine.




Personalised letterbox Valentine’s cakes from Baker Days are available now, priced from £14.99 including postage. We were sent this one free of charge to review.

But sorry readers, for not saving you any cake. We wanted to give you some but this magical unicorn ate it. Apart from the bits we ate. 🙂


El & Jae
Big hearted

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Our greatest hits – packed with nutritious goodness

Eljae is now a year old! It’s grown from being a baby blog and is now going to be a terrible toddler. But Jae wrote a book about toddlers so we think we can cope.

We’ve been looking back over the last year to see which posts were the most popular.reading-whilst-walking

Number one by a long way is Reasons why homework should be banned – this has had thousands of hits and is on page 1 of Google for that phrase, proving once and for all that homework is evil. Unfortunately El’s teachers haven’t listened.

Number two is the main home page which makes sense really as it’s the first page you come to. PROOF THAT YOU GUYS LIKE US FOR US! 😀

Next most popular is our list of Top 10 cool kid bloggers. We really like this post and we hope that we have introduced many people to new blogs.

Jae’s favourite posts of the year are the ones where El reads books in all kinds of weird places. None of this is staged, THIS IS WHAT EL IS REALLY LIKE (she feels a little frightened if she ventures out of the house without a book).

Jae also likes the post about What to say if someone at school calls you a nerd because it’s good advice.

El’s favourite posts have also been the extreme reading ones but she also really likes the things that make you go lol  post because it’s funny and whenever she watches the videos she gets a happy. 🙂

We have been asked to review a few things which is cool but we won’t be doing too many of those unless it is to tell you about something that is super super fun.

Most of all we like writing random stuff that nobody else does. There are millions of words on the internet but you can still be an individual. Please stay and read our blog in 2013 if you like being an individual too. And where else are you going to hear about beards and moustaches that are not beards and moustaches?

El dreams up new blog posts

El dreams up new blog posts

In the year to come we intend to write about such things as moustache sandwiches, more Dennis the cat and what to expect when the aliens arrive.



El & Jae
Keep Calm and Blog On

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2012 – an extremely Eljae year

El and Jae say Happy New Year

El and Jae say Happy New Year

We’re just squeezing in a last post as 2012 draws to a close.

So – how was it for you? Did you enjoy the Olympics? Did you do Gangnam Style? Did the rain fall on your lovely head?

This is what we liked about 2012 (not necessarily in order):

1. The royal pregnancy being announced. 
El is very into the royal family as she considers them to be history in the making (El is into history). When she heard about it El did a happy dance. We look forward to seeing the baby in 2013. (Will it be a boy or girl?)

2. Diamond Jubilee
60 years on the throne! How do we celebrate? Draw some boats in the rain. Marvellous!

 3. Olympics
Other than getting to watch a bit live and the opening and closing ceremonies El was a bit ‘whatever’ about the whole thing. She’s not that sporty. We just put it in because the Queen parachuted out a helicopter. Jae enjoyed it all more than she expected to.

4. The aliens landing
Only Jae really knows about this and no one believes her. But you will in 2013.

All in all it’s been a good year. And now 2012 is ending and El is now a teenager. Will we get out of it alive???????

Happy New Year, we love you!!!!

El and Jae
New year, same old bloggers

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These boots were made for Eljae

How are your feet in this frosty weather? Are they chilly and frostbitten or toasty warm? El has been experiencing extra toastiness in the feet direction, ever since shoe company Barratts invited her to review their range.

El in Boots

El in Boots

We had heard of Barratts, but somehow the shops have managed to pass us by, even though apparently there is one in the centre of Brighton.

The junior girls section has a few styles with low heels, and lots of flatter heeled boots and shoes which of course are much better for stomping about.

Every girl, young or old, needs a decent pair of stompy boots.

El chose these Biker Boots with a buckle trim. The regular price is £28, but at the time we ordered there was 30% off everything which put them down to under £20.

Right there’s still 30% off everything and free delivery for orders over £30 (don’t know when this is ending), so if you know your size then it definitely pays to order online.

El thought that the boots were completely gorgeous and they are. They’re really lovely. Lovely, lovely completely amazing! Yaaaaay!!! Seriously they look AMAZING!!! And feel super comfy to wear.

They’re manmade (not leather) and the inside of the boots has a cosy fleecy feel. For some reason the design makes El’s feet look smaller than they really are (which freaked El out)!


Our only slight quibble is that delivery wasn’t particularly fast(though to be fair, quicker than promised) – we opted for the standard delivery which promised to arrive in 7 days, but it actually took 6 days. Jae placed the order on the Monday morning and El’s boots arrived on Saturday afternoon. You can pay for faster delivery but it’s quite pricey at £5.50.

Also we noticed that the company doesn’t offer free returns, which many online retailers do. You can still return shoes if you don’t like them, but you’ll have to pay the postage (unless there’s a fault).

But all in all we give a big thumbs (and toes) up to Barratts’ boots. Thank you to Barratts for sending us these boots to review and for saving El from the horror of unfashionable footwear.


El and Jae
Stompin’ up a storm

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Fun, fun, fun!

Can you guess where is one of El’s favourite places on earth?

Could it be the library, a big bookshop or a sweet shop that’s having a half price sale?

Actually it’s all of those, but there is one more to add to the list – Lush!

Lush is an amazing shop to visit – full of delicious smells and staff who want to be your best friend, even if you’re not buying anything.

So it was a lovely jubbly day when Lush offered to send us a new product to review. And the great thing is that the new product is called Fun, and we love fun even more than we love Lush.

The Lushinators sent us 3 portions of Fun, so we passed one on to our friend and fellow blogger Mim, and you can see her review over here at Mim’s Review.

So what is this funny product? The best way to describe it is sort of like play doh crossed with soap.

You can take a chunk of it and play with it, squish it into shapes, then use it to wash yourself. And not just yourself – you can use it to wash your hair or clothes as well.

El used a little on a small stain on the leggings she was intending to wear and it worked well on the fabric with some water to remove the stain in time. It would be useful if you find muck on clothes you have set your heart on wearing and will need in 10 mins.

It comes in yummy fragrances, and once you’ve used it then you will too. If you have ever walked within 5 meters of a Lush shop you will know what we’re talking about. And so will your bathroom. Each bar of Fun costs £5 but you only need a little bit so it will last a long time.

It comes in lots of different colours including blue, green and the red and yellow you can see here.

It doesn’t mould as well when wet and it doesn’t lather well but El has a kind of net sponge that really helps lather up soaps so that wasn’t a problem for us.

10p from every sale goes to help children in Fukushima affected by the Japanese earthquake.

We recommend you get some FUN in your life!


El and Jae
Fun times!

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Gifts for…everybody, really

You may have noticed that there is a gifting season coming up. Actually, double gifting if your name is El and you have a birthday in the same week.

So perfect timing for us to be asked to try out the Gifts for the Girls website.

But we are not particularly girly girls. El is a long way from being a pinky princess and Jae gets twitchy if she’s wearing less than 3 items of black clothing. We like gadgets and practical stuff, we like toys and we don’t like useless fluffiness (unless on kittens – KITTENS RULE!).

So could Gifts for the Girls deliver to very particular girls/women like us?

Well, you can’t fault them on choice. There are over 3,000 gifts on the site, including lots of things under £10, so you could get a big chunk of your Christmas shopping done at once.

We were invited to choose two gifts up to the value of £40 and after a lot of chin scratching and clickety clicking this is what we went for:

Rotary Motorised Coin Sorter (RRP £24.99)

This is the Rolls Royce of money boxes. You put your change in the top and it automatically sorts it out for you. The tubes of coins swing out like arms so you can extract your sorted loot. It’s very simple but totally hypnotic. Jae has a change box where she saves up pennies for Christmas, and this sorted them out in seconds.

We loved this item, (there was somthing highly amusing about it – Jae was giggling like a 5 year old) but it wasn’t perfect – the coins got stuck a few times and we had to lever off the top to get it going again. It wasn’t entirely accurate (why is that 1p in the 20p tube? Why?! If that was true I would be 19p RICHER!) Also batteries aren’t included, so you’ll have to supply two C sized batteries. And occasionally coins have disappeared in there that didn’t resurface till the next time we used it.

So not a 100% success although we did like it a lot and would be pleased to receive this as a gift (if we didn’t already have one).

We also ordered the Make Your Own Lip Balm kit. (RRP £14.99)

This is something which you could either give as a gift in itself, or use it to make 4 further gifts. It contains (almost) all you need to make 4 lip balms – all you have to add is a little sunflower oil. There are also gift bags and ribbon to make your lip balms look good.

The instructions are very clear and easy to follow – it’s basically a process of melting the ingredients together. It needs adult supervision and has the potential to be messy but really it’s quite simple and fun to do.

El ADORED this, it was fun to make and the lip balms were extremely moisturising (MOIST! What a pleasing word!) and smelt of orange but not too strongly. It made a great gift and there is something oddly satisfying about using lip balm you have made yourself.

We know that girls aged around 12 can be hard to buy for, but we think either of these would be a good choice for the tweenager in your life.

The Details
Gifts for the Girls
has over 3,000 gifts. We found the site easy to navigate – we didn’t have to wait ages for pages to load. Yes there is a fair amount of pink stuff, but to be fair a lot of girls like that stuff and you might have to buy a present for them. Plus there is also a good selection gadgets, geeky stuff and a talking toilet roll holder. (Who DOESN’T need one of those? You can record your own message. Imagine the comedy possibilities?!)

The site says they’ve been trading for over 23 years and have over 1 million satisfied customers. Delivery costs from £4.99 (overseas delivery is more) and orders in most cases arrive within 5 days.


What gifts are you buying for the girls in your life this Christmas? Leave a comment, we won’t tell.


El and Jae
Thank you very much

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Horrible Histories – now it’s a comic

We LOVE Horrible Histories in our house – the books, the TV show and even the stage show. So when we heard it was going to be made into a comic we were super excited. Even more so when Jae said she would buy it.

But could we find it in a shop to buy? Horribly, no.

The first issue came out just before half term and we looked EVERYWHERE for it. Well OK not quite everywhere but definitely lots of shops in Brighton, Norfolk, Wales and any service stations in between.

But it was nowhere to be found – perhaps all the Horrible Histories fans had got there first.

So we were superextracallifragically chuffed when the PR for the Horrible Histories comic got in touch and offered to send us a copy20121112-185918.jpg to review.

So assuming you can get your hands on a copy, what can you expect from the Horrible Histories comic?

First of all there is a suitably horrible gift with every copy – we had a yucky rat that made Jae squeal.

It was filled to the brim with facts (did you know that in 1535 Henry VIII hung drawn and quatered three monks?), pictures (drawn by the amazing Martin Brown), quizzes (according to Which Mean Queen Are You? El is Queen Elizabeth I and Jae is Queen Victoria) and even song lyrics (Born to ruuule over yooooou….)!

We all completely love it and would definitely recommend it to any Horrible Histories fan.

Horrible Histories Magazine is out every 4 weeks priced £2.99. Each issue contains a free horrible gift and loads of horrible stickers.

El and Jae
Hearting the Horrible

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Snacks in the interval

Usually our post just contains bills and boring catalogues. But recently the postie has delivered something yummier – snacks!

First of all we were asked to try out Special K Cracker Crisps. This was very exciting as we always have crisps when Doctor Who is on, and we needed something to cheer us up now that the series is finished.

We got sent a box of the sweet chilli flavour to review and the box only lasted about 5 minutes, so we never got to photograph it. What El really wanted to try was the Salt & vinegar flavour, so Jae was dispatched to Sainsburys where they were on special offer for £1.

So what are Special K Cracker Crisps?

Many of you know Special K as a cereal, very tasty with a number of supermarket copies. Very normal and nice. But now it has MUTATED!!!
This meal for breakfast has turned into CRACKER CRISPS!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

We had to send Jae temporarily to an asylum because it blew her MIND!

El liked these because they were like crisps but with a slight Special K aftertaste. They were a bit lighter than normal crisps and saltier too but very tasty! Jae thinks that she is more of an oatcake person. However when El was asked if they were bettter than regular crisps she said perhaps not. But unlike crisps in a packet there was a lot in one box. And they didn’t break up so much in the box.

But that’s not all! The postman has been bringing us other snacks.

First a joke:

How to entertain a cow? Take it to the moovies

Sorry, that was a terrible joke. Couldn’t resist though, as we have been trying out yoomoo frozen yoghurt. Jae first had some of this at BlogCamp, and El had sadface 😦 because she had to go to school that day.

Then El had happyface 🙂 cos the yoomoo people sent us a voucher to try some more at home (though it was only a £2 voucher and the tub cost £3.49 so we’re hardly raking it in).

Aaaanyway, what’s it like, you may ask? Is it as nice as icecream?

We tried the strawbmoo AKA strawberry flavour (they also do chocolate, tropical and natural yoghurt flavour). It comes in small (150 ml, £1.79) and big (750 ml, £3.49) tubs. You can get it in most big supermarkets. We also invented our own yoomoo dessert with ginger biscuits and sprinkles:

It’s made of 70% natural British yoghurt and is low in fat. Though the next listed ingredient next to the yoghurt is sugar, so it’s not quite a health food item.

El thought that it tasted as good as ice cream perhaps EVEN BETTER!!!

We thought it was very delicious – the taste is quite like ice cream, but yoghurtier.

So that was our snack break – what’s your favourite snack?

El and Jae

Tasty treats

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Scary movie – Monster High: Ghouls Rule

It’s only a few weeks until Halloween. We love Halloween and El has been getting ready:


We have also been watching a scary movie, which was sent to us for review and is brand new released this week. But not any old scary movie – this one’s suitable for kids.

Monster High: Ghouls Rule is the first film featuring the animated versions of the mega popular Monster High range of dolls. All the favourites are here: Frankie  Stein (based on Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein’s monster), Draculaura (Bram Stoker’s Dracula), Clawdeen Wolf (werewolf) and Abbey Bominable (the Abominable Snowman). It’s a bit like High School Musical without the songs but with added fangs. Grrrrrr!

The plot involves the beastly students on a mission to win back Halloween from the Normies.

We like the underlying ethos of: Be Yourself, Be Unique, Be a Monster. What a great motto to live by.

El liked Cleo the Mummy’s daughter, the clothes obsessed spolit brat and the headless headmistress.

As a film, though, it makes a great doll advert. Little brother Eye found it too horrific, and not in the way the makers intended, as he covered his eyes and complained This is really bad.

But this DVD is not really aimed at little brothers. If you like the dolls you will like this.

If you like animated high school kids with snakes in their hair you will like it even more.

It wasn’t really aimed at our age group so we didn’t really engage with it that much, but then we don’t have the dolls and we think that younger girls would really enjoy it.

Monster High: Ghouls Rule is released on 8th October in DVD, Blu Ray and digital download formats, priced from £10.99, currently reduced to a bargain £8 at Amazon. Includes main feature plus three extra bonus short cartoons.

El and Jae
Seriously Spooky

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Oy! You! Get Over Here and Wash Your Mucky Face


Sorry, please don’t think us rude.

Oy! is a new brand of skincare from Green People, and it stands for Organic Young. It’s designed to help with breakouts of spots and heal the skin at the same time. It’s the first certified organic and fairly traded range for young skin.

It’s aimed at teen skin, and as El is almost 13 (Jae shudders), she was asked to try it out.

El was sent the Oy! Cleanse & Moisturise and Oy! Foaming Clear Skin Face Wash and has been using them for the last few weeks.

Oy! Cleanse & Moisturise contains Willow Bark, Green Tea and Rosemary. You can use it for taking off make-up, cleansing your skin and moisturising it afterwards.

Cleanse & Moisturise – The Verdict
El has been mostly using it as a moisturiser but has been trying the cleanser side as well. No water is actually needed which is handy as El can do it in her room, without having to get up and ACTUALLY MOVE! To cleanse, all that is required is to rub it on your skin and then wipe it off. Lovely jubbly! To moisturise (MOISTURISE ME! MOISTURISE ME!) you must dab it into your skin and leave it in. El has been enjoying it very much.

At £9.95 for 50ml this is a more expensive product than we would normally buy. But it’s organic and Fair Trade and inevitably that doesn’t come cheap. But they have a brilliant offer on right now at Green People here where you get a free Hit the Spot blend as well, which is worth £4.99, so that sounds totally worth it.

Oy! Foaming Clear Skin Face Wash costs £11.95 for 100 ml, but is also on special offer at the moment and you get a Hit the Spot oil free with it. It contains organic Green Tea, Witch Hazel, Sage, Tea Tree and Willow Bark.

Foaming Face Wash – The Verdict
El liked that this foamed up like soap but didn’t leave her skin feeling dried out like soap can. It was fun to use El has been spot free since using this (although she usually is). El absolutely in love with this face wash. She would definitely recommend this and the Cleanser above.

After a few weeks of using these products El has slightly gone Gollum my precious over these products.

Jae and El 🙂
Squeaky Clean

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