Extreme Reading: A half term special

Ah, the half term. A chance to go out, enjoy yourself and get up a bit later than usual. So what does El do?

What she always does! She reads. That’s the best thing about half term really – more reading time.

The Rule of El: Never leave the house without a minimum of 5 books

What will happen if you leave the house with less than 5 books? We don’t know, we’ve never tried.

And now here are some tips from El to help you enjoy your book fully.

When reading a book set in the past why not travel back in time and really get a feel of the era.

If you wish to focus upon your book more then read it next to a beautiful castle and carefully ignore it.

And of course if you go to see a show, always take a book in case the show is boring


And remember – never let a day out get in the way of having a good read.

El & Jae
Book, book, book, book, book

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Ooooops! Too many Reviews!

Hey there my lovelies, and might I say how nice you look today?

So, there I was waiting for a new Derren Brown show (Apocalypse) to come on and for my cookies to bake, I realised that me and Jae have been doing quite a lot of reviews lately. All very nice and good but we don’t want this blog to become Review Town. So I decided to write a post to say sorry. And here it is.

So… sorry

Oh hang on my cookies are beeping. Back in a mo…

They needed a few more minutes. Jae had to tell me that because my glasses had steamed up.

No one tell the Cookie Monster

Oh there they go again.

I tried to duck this time but yet again I was temporarily unable to see. Sorry I’m getting rather off subject. So, anyway sorry. I can’t say there won’t be more reviews but I will say that there will be more Gangnam Style. You can watch it whilst I go drizzle chocolate.

Chocolate completed! I am also very proud to report that I was one of the first 9,000,000 people to view that video on YouTube thanks to my Korean friend. Considering that the video has now got over 500,000,000 (UPDATE: 815,000,000, making it the most watched video on YouTube!!!) views I’m very proud of that fact. As well as baking, doing Gangnam style and screaming about new Derren Brown, what else have I been doing? Helping my best friend on her new blog (more on that later), starting a Herman Cake and turning Lord Sugar into a vampire at school in lunchtime.

I’m going to Diss tomorrow so this probably won’t get posted until Sunday, though I’m writing it on Friday.

It seems, looking back, that I must apologise again. This post is extremely random. Ah well, random is as random does (I’ve no idea what that means).

Oddballing around

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For anybody starting secondary school this week

When Jae was at secondary school, it was a bit rubbish. Now El is at secondary school and it’s better (mostly). We have been thinking about the whole starting school business and this is our advice:

If you see someone on their own, say hi or smile or give some friendly vibes
Sometimes being friendly is the biggest gift you can give. Give it out and it will come back to you. But don’t be too friendly like a stalker because that will creep people out.

If you’re thinking a mean thought about someone, keep it to yourself
If you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t say it behind their back. And even then, sometimes you don’t need to say it. Just push that nastiness out your head!

If people are being mean to you, it’s not the end of the world
Everybody has tough times in their life. If your tough times are happening at school then the good news is that at least you’ve got your tough times over and done with early. It’ll all get better from here. (Probably.)

Talk to someone new as often as you can
Don’t just stick to the same groups. There are cool people all around you, but you won’t know unless you say hello.

Don’t worry so much about fitting in
We know that fitting in is a big deal at school, but sometimes not fitting in is something to be proud of too. The thing about being an outsider is: there are a lot more people on the outside than on the in.

El says:
If you get put in a group in class with somone you don’t know then this is a great opportunity to make a new friend. Or if one of your old friends makes a new one then get to know them. Oh and do your homework.

Do you have a tip for people starting back to school? Are you starting back to school? Leave a comment, even if you’ve never been to school!

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Beards and moustaches that are not beards and moustaches

Some people think that just because you are a little girl, or a woman, you can’t have a beard or a moustache.

What rot!

People can do anything they want to. Not everything is how it appears to be on the surface. Don’t let the negative people put you down.

Be inspired! Achieve!

You can make a tash from mash

Or brush your face

Little brother’s finger can be useful sometimes:

Some moustaches are magic:


Double mmm….whipped cream

We hope you are inspired by this post to be whatever you want to be!

PS Also, whipped cream does not stick on to your face as well as you might think it should.

El & Jae 😉
Inspirational face furniture a speciality

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Who Dunnit?!

Ever played the popular game Cluedo?
I’ve never played the actual board game myself but I’ve spent many happy hours playing a wii version and wondering if it was Professor Plum in the study with the knife or Miss Scarlett in the dining room with the lead pipe.

However I can now reveal who is the murderer!

It was Jae in the living room with her laptop!

Dun. Dun. Duuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jae says
What an insult! I did not, as El would claim “dunnit”. I have not murdered anyone, though I will admit to sending a few evil thoughts to people who displease me.

I do have a crime to confess to though. When El went on a sleepover, I used her special purple plate for my beans on toast.

Scene of the crime

Will I ever be forgiven?

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How To Deal With Chocolate Related Sore Stomachs – A Random Wisdom

On a shelf in our living room where Jae and ElDad store books they never read I have lined up my collection of Easter eggs.

Mmmmmmmm...... Choccy.....

I have 7 (plus 2 mini creme egg sized ones) in total including a Dr Who one, a Glee one (with free mug!), a Galaxy one and a Creme Egg one.
I’m not intending to eat them ALL on easter sunday alone however I am going to eat A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, what do you do to avoid that dreadful sore feeling you get after stuffing yourself with the sweet stuff?

Errrrrrrr… Nothing! That’s the best bit!

Happy Easter from us and our glasses!

El 🙂

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THE POEM OF LIFE – A Random Wisdom



When the cows moo
And the dogs do a poo
When the cats miaow
And the soldiers go pow
When the rats go squeak
And the babies pee
Never forget
The meaning of life (whatever it is)

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Lord Sugar – A Random Wisdom.

My sources tell me that Lord Alan Sugar is using the mind controlling powers of sugar to take over the world. However my sources are hyperactive dogs that speak english when only I’m around so their realiability isn’t 100%.
Or mabye it was a dream.


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Mugs – A Random Wisdom

We take mugs for granted! Mugs are our friends, they do so much for us yet we never give anything back. We pour boiling hot liquids into them yet they never complain. They contain tea and coffee and without these beverages many adults would become zombies.  We drop them on the ground and smash them yet they don’t rebel. Mugs have rights too! So next time you take a drink out of a mug remember to say thank you. You owe it that at least.


P.S I wrote about the mug idea on another blog and even though I’ve changed it a bit it’s still the same idea. Don’t worry I’m not a copycat!
Also thanks to Jae for the picture of the mug ElDad bought her for X-mas. On the front is the cover from the book she wrote.

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Give the Queen a Cornflake!

Have you ever heard the saying,
For want of a nail the horse shoe was lost
For want of a shoe the horse was lost
For want of a horse the rider was lost
For want of a rider he battle was lost
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost
And all for the want of a horse shoe nail.

*sound of throat clearing*
For want of a cornflake the bowl was not full
For want of a full bowl for her brekkie the queen was not energized
For want of energy her important meeting was a failure
For want of an important meeting THE WORLD EXPLODED!!!!!!!!!!!!
And all for the want of a cornflake

So if you want to live to see 2013 then send the queen a cornflake! She needs it more than you.

El. 🙂

P.S  I used this on another blog I have so if you ever see that then don’t worry I’m not stealing someone’s work and claiming it as my own, it really is mine.

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