About El and Jae

Hello and welcome to Eljae, a glasses-powered blog brought to you by the letters El and Jae. It’s the world’s first mother and daughter blog*

*Disclaimer – it might not be

El is also known as Lia, a 13 year old girl living by the seaside in the UK. El likes reading, films, history, and more reading.

Jae is Joanne, who is Lia’s mum and is really ancient. Jae likes films (any films), writing and baking. Jae wrote a book called Toddlers: An Instruction Manual, but is still finding out about teenagers. If you want to get in touch you can email Jae on info AT joannemallon DOT com

We both wear glasses. We both live in the same house. Other than that we are very different. El has long hair for a start.

Other people you may meet:

Eye is El’s little brother.

ElDad is El’s dad.

Dennis the cat is a cat. He’s quite grumpy and slightly evil but still cute.

Awards news:

This blog has been nominated for Blog of the Year, Best New Blog, Best Schooldays Blog and Most Innovative Blog at the 2012 MAD (Mum and Dad) Blog Awards. Jae also got nominated for Best Blog Writer, Blog of the Year, Best Family Life, Family Fun, Most Inspiring, Best Home Blog and Most Helpful Blogger. We’re so excited, we grew moustaches!

2013 News

El has also featured in First News children’s newspaper and written a guest post for the Netmums blog.

Jae has written another book and started a site called KidsBlogClub

So has ElDad

Eye has started a blog called The Turtle of Happiness

Dennis the Cat is still grumpy.

Even our facial hair is innovative


  1. Daz Ellis replied:


  2. Dave Guymon replied:

    I might have just found my new favorite blog. I think it is wonderful that your mom and you are blogging together. Also, as a man with a beard, I must compliment you on your fine mustaches.

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