Top 6 Frozen cover versions

A real treat for us during half term was that we were invited along to a singalong screening of Frozen, followed by a Q & A with the directors, Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. This screening was to mark the fact that the film is coming out on DVD at the end of March. If you haven’t seen Frozen then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? It is fantastic, the best Disney film in years.

At the Q & A it was interesting to hear that the directors don’t really know what makes the film so successful. We reckon that (aside from the fact that it’s really funny) it’s the music. The songs in Frozen are just amazing and sound like classics from the first time your hear them – no wonder Let It Go won the best song Oscar. And also no wonder then that people are making their own versions.

Here are some of our favourite Frozen cover versions which we found on Youtube:

LOVE the choir, the African singer, the little girl who’s only 11.

This one’s really funny! NO VIIIIISIBLE LEGS!

Love these girls – apparently they’re all related. Plus they have cool glasses

And check this out

A cute version of In Summer sung by an 8 and 10 year old

Now this one is clever as it mashes up frozen music with Winter by Vivaldi

And this one is just for the mums/moms on the ice rink

Looks genuinely chilly! What’s your favourite song from Frozen?

The other surprising facts we learnt from the directors is that Frozen was influenced by Game of Thrones. Wouldn’t it be great if that worked the other way and GoT became a musical?

Frozen Blu-ray

El & Jae
Thawing Out

PS Frozen is coming out on DVD and Blu Ray on 31st March. There’s a special pre-purchase offer at the Disney Store. Did you know that Jae used to work at the Disney Store when she was a student? It’s the only job she’s had that El is impressed by.

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