What are teenagers interested in?

Jae has noticed that there is a lot of Miley Cyrus in the media.

Miley Cyrus licking a hammer.

People are worried that she’s a bad influence on teenagers.

But do teenagers pay any attention to Miley Cyrus? Are we in danger of an outbreak of hammer licking?

Let’s ask one.

A teenager, not a hammer.

El, are you and the teenagers you know influenced by Miley Cyrus?

We really really don’t like her. There are probably some who do, but we think that she’s stupid and attention seeking and the only good thing about her are the silly parodies of Wreaking Ball. The hammer licking and the nudity was NOT NECESSARY DEAR LORD!

If I told you I was Team Sinead, would that mean anything?


~~time passes~~
Oh, now that Jae has explained it I realised what she meant, I thought it was two characters from Game of Thrones that Jae had shipped or something. But yes Sinead is awesome and Miley Cyrus is stupid. TEAM SINEAD FOR LIFE!
Oh dear, Jae doesn’t know what shipping is. It’s when you want two characters to be in a relationSHIP (get it?) of any kind. You can ship characters, people and even inanimate objects (for example I ship me and chocolate).

So what are teenagers interested in?

Depends on the kind of teenager. But me and my nerdy friends are quite into YouTube.

Also Doctor Who. And Sherlock. Also Harry Potter.

We also have really weird conversations.

Weird conversations are what makes life worth living at any age.


El & Jae
Weirdo chat dot com

November 7, 2013. Tags: . Random wisdoms.

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