Chew on this – Chewits Crazy Cool Carnival App

lots of chewits

We were asked to try out the Chewits Crazy Cool Carnival App and to get us in the mood the company sent us a mahoozive box of Chewits. Which was brilliant to come home to after school.

Now, Chewits are sweets that have been around for a long time, so much so that Jae used to have them when she was a child (Yes, people. It’s been that long).

They were her favourite sweets next to Toffos. You can’t get Toffos any more (boo hoo says Jae) but you can get Chewits in lots of different varieties such as Cola flavour and bubblegum.

They were famous for being chewy enough for dinosaurs. Remember this, oldsters?

Although El didn’t know that dinosaurs were picky about chewiness. She thought they just ate… everything.

Alas, El is banned from gum after the whole ‘pieces of gum stuck under the kitchen table’ incident, a dark moment in our family history. This basically means that El now only has chewing gum when she thinks Jae won’t notice, and Jae pretends not to notice.

So as you can see there has been a whole lot of chewing going on in our house. We especially like the new super sour flavours. Very good if you need help pulling a sour face.

So what about the Crazy Cool Carnival App?

Well, it’s a Facebook rather than a phone app (you can also register on the website and play it that way).

It consists of various mini-games, and the one we played most was The Claw. This is like an online version of the sort of grabber games they have on the pier.

It’s one of those simple games that’s quite hypnotic – you think you’ll just have one more go and then – whoops! – half an hour has passed and you’re still playing it. It also really, really puts you in the mood for some Chewits

We had mixed feelings about the main carnival game – you have to put in the names of two friends, and their pictures then get added in to a carnival ride. Basically you are giving the game access to you and your friends’ Facebook pictures (depending on their privacy settings). We would like to have seen clearer information as to what happens to these pictures – do they get stored on the website? Does your friend get sent marketing information? What if your friend doesn’t want to be on an imaginary carnival ride?

However, the ride it creates is really fun – it’s an animated ride around a fairground starring you and your top two pals:

Even your last Facebook update appears scrolling round a spaceship! It was all pretty funny, though we would have liked the option to just use your own details – maybe we are just anti-social!

Playing this game put us in the mood for eating Chewits, which was lucky cos we had masses of them, and Eye even opened one packet to find that it was just one big long Chewit!

They never had that in Jae’s day!

Thank you to Chewits for inviting us to try out this app. As you can see we were sent a chewylicious mound of sweets, and Chewits have promised to send us some theme park tickets so we can have a go on the ghost train for real.

Happy chewing!

El & Jae
Just call us Chewbacca

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  1. Jenny @ The Brick Castle replied:

    I love your review – that’s brilliant! It’s nice to see you found it pretty much exactly the same as us – and were as stunned by the hugeness of the box of Chewits! 😀

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