You know you’re a Doctor Who fan when…


If we chopped you in half would it say Whovian right through your middle?

You know you’re a Doctor Who fan when

  • You wanted to name your first child Romana but it turned out to be a Davros instead
  • You don’t blink whenever you see a statue
  • You speed up when walking past a field with a scarecrow in it
  • You secretly judge people who think that Doctor Who only started with David Tennant
  • You feel like reporting people who say they don’t watch or *weeps* don’t like Doctor Who
  • Your thinking cap says Unit on it


  • The whole of this year is based around your plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who
  • You have actually tried fishfingers with custard
  • You know that fezes and bowties are cool, and bananas are good
  • During your skincare routine you screech Moisturise Me and have a right good chuckle to yourself
  • You think of Richard Dawkins as ‘That bloke who’s married to Romana’
  • You can’t pass a collander without putting it on your head and shouting EXTERMINATE
  • DITTO plungers
  • Ordinary screwdrivers are disappointing
  • You always do an Ood impression when you’re eating spaghetti
  • When your Science teacher says that all life forms are carbon based, you correct him and say that actually the Slitheen are calcium based and that’s why they explode when you throw vinegar at them. And if your Science Teacher is also a Doctor Who fan he will agree with you.
  • You’re thinking of taking vinegar for your holiday on Raxacoricofallapatorius






El & Jae

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

August 14, 2013. Tags: , . Random wisdoms.


  1. Lucie replied:

    My 7yr old son Xavier, who is autistic is obsessed with Dr Who!!!

  2. Matthew (@Matth9999) replied:

    I’m a Whovian failure, I thought that was a thunderbirds cap!

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