Turning over a New Leaf on Animal Crossing

While we were on holiday we had NO INTERNETZ!!! Quelle horreur!

This meant that we read lots of books and also had lots of time to play Animal Crossing New Leaf.

This is the special Nintendo 3DS XL we were sent, which is pre-loaded with Animal Crossing. It’s got a bigger screen than the regular DS, and comes in white with lots of cute little symbols on it.



Basically Animal Crossing is your own little town and your neighbours are little animals that you can talk to. You can buy clothes, furniture etc and collect things.

There have been four Animal Crossing games released since 2001 and Animal Crossing New Leaf  which we are reviewing is the latest one which came out in June this year.

This is the first game in the series where the player gets to be the Mayor of the town instead of an ordinary villager. You play the game in real time according to the DS’s clock, so the game changes depending on the time of day and year. Can’t wait for Animal Crossing Christmas!

You can also customise it a lot, so everybody who plays will do it in a different way. El played it a  lot on holiday and developed her community.


More people are moving in to Ledworth (as she has called her village – Doctor Who fans will get the connection! Yes we know it’s really Leadworth) which means that there are more characters. El’s also figured out how to design her own clothes.

She’s started a thing to build a bridge and everyone has to donate to the project. There’s a little guy you can donate to.

More than one person can play on this game, so we let Eye have a go and this is what he thought: It’s very imaginative. I am a boy and not mayor. You can do a lot of things and it gives you responsibility like buying a house and donating money to projects. The 3D effect is really cool.

Once they were both playing, El and Eye could write letters to each other within the game which was fun. They were in the same town, but if you play with friends online you can visit each other’s towns.

Jae likes that this is quite a sweet game – no baddies; it’s more of an open-ended game about building a community. It’s a nice little world to escape into.


This is good stuff for kids to learn if they grow up and start a town on Mars. Yes that could happen.

This is a nice, restful escapist game suitable from around age 7. Probably more of interest to girls but we think some boys might like it too.

You can do lots of other things with the Nintendo 3DS and Animal Crossing New Leaf, so we’ll tell you a bit about this in the next post.

El & Jae
New Leaves

Animal Crossing New Leaf is out now for Nintendo 3DS, or if you get the console shown here it is already pre-loaded

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You know you’re a Doctor Who fan when…


If we chopped you in half would it say Whovian right through your middle?

You know you’re a Doctor Who fan when

  • You wanted to name your first child Romana but it turned out to be a Davros instead
  • You don’t blink whenever you see a statue
  • You speed up when walking past a field with a scarecrow in it
  • You secretly judge people who think that Doctor Who only started with David Tennant
  • You feel like reporting people who say they don’t watch or *weeps* don’t like Doctor Who
  • Your thinking cap says Unit on it


  • The whole of this year is based around your plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who
  • You have actually tried fishfingers with custard
  • You know that fezes and bowties are cool, and bananas are good
  • During your skincare routine you screech Moisturise Me and have a right good chuckle to yourself
  • You think of Richard Dawkins as ‘That bloke who’s married to Romana’
  • You can’t pass a collander without putting it on your head and shouting EXTERMINATE
  • DITTO plungers
  • Ordinary screwdrivers are disappointing
  • You always do an Ood impression when you’re eating spaghetti
  • When your Science teacher says that all life forms are carbon based, you correct him and say that actually the Slitheen are calcium based and that’s why they explode when you throw vinegar at them. And if your Science Teacher is also a Doctor Who fan he will agree with you.
  • You’re thinking of taking vinegar for your holiday on Raxacoricofallapatorius






El & Jae

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

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Sun and Screaming at Thorpe Park


Are you a roller coaster or a roller can’t-er?

El LOVES going on big high upside downy type rides and having a good scream. Jae likes standing on the ground with two feet nice and solid and stomach where it is meant to be, not churning up inside your neck.

This summer we will find out which is best when we go for a day trip to Thorpe Park as they have given us some tickets. We’re going to go during the Sun Scream event which runs from Wednesday August 23 to Sunday September 1. This will include lots of  free family fun extras, including daytime silent discos, adrenaline-fuelled stunts, plus freestyle hip-hop and beatbox performances and workshops.

If you haven’t been, this is Thorpe Park:

Here are a few facts you may not have known about the theme park also known as the nation’s Thrill Capital:

  • If you buy a full-priced ticket, for a little bit extra you can upgrade it to a Thorpe Park Annual Pass, giving unlimited access to the park for the rest of the season until it closes on 4 November, 2013.
  • There are plenty of rides that all the family can enjoy, such as Zodiac and manic carpet ride Quantum as well as the Flying Fish. Jae likes the sound of Flying Fish.
  • If your kids are after something a little edgier, and if they’re 1m or taller, they can experience the thrill of the newly refurbished X, an illuminated ride through dynamic coloured lighting. Jae also likes the sound of dynamic coloured lighting, it sounds a bit like a roller disco.
  • For extreme thrills, older children over 1.4m can now brave it backwards on the Swarm! That’s Swarm pictured at the top of this post. Jae doesn’t like the sound of that so much, but El does. She would have to hold on to her books pretty tightly though.
  • You can also stay overnight at the park in their newly opened ‘Crash Pad’ accommodation from £64 per person which includes 2 days at the park and breakfast

Are you a roller coaster fan? Do you think Jae should brave the big rides, or stick to embarrassing El by participating enthusiastically in the silent disco?


El & Jae

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El meets Animal Crossing New Leaf

animal-crossing-nintendo-dsSomething super exciting happened recently – El was asked if she would like to try out the new Nintendo 3DS game Animal Crossing New Leaf.

And we were sent a lovely Nintendo 3DS XL which came pre-loaded with the game to try it out on. Huzzah!

But be warned if you buy this model as it doesn’t come with a charger, so we had to order that separately which was frustrating. Luckily the charger is only about £4.

So, on to the game.

Animal Crossing is a game that has been around for a while in various formats, but we haven’t played it before. It’s a type of community game where you the player live in a village along with various animals.

Originally El was horribly conflicted as all the little animal people seemed to think she was the new mayor. Plus there was an over friendly dog on the train. But when she got a letter (because despite living in a tent in the game El has a postbox) from the guy who was SUPPOSED to be mayor her conscience cleared.

It is kind of annoying to walk everywhere because although the fictional town of Ledworth (named by El after the Leadworth of Doctor Who except without the a as only 8 characters were allowed) is very small but it is split in half by a river which has ONLY ONE BRIDGE! It can get a little tedious. So far, El’s just put down the down payment on her house (yet to be built) and her approval rating is 92% so she’s almost got a permit thingy she needs for some reason. It’ll all be clear soon. There are quite a few animal neighbours

We are off on holiday to France soon, and there will be lots of travelling time in the car and on the ferry so El will have plenty of time to explore the Animal Crossing world. So we’ll report back soon on how things are going in Ledworth and what fun times Mayor El is having with her animal subjects.

Au revoir!

El and Jae
Channel Crossing

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