Teenager Translation


El has now been a teenager for 6 months. Jae has been parent to a teenager for a similar amount of time. In fact, eerily enough, it’s the same time.

Are you mystified as to why your teenager behaves or talks as they do? Allow us to explain:

TEEN SAYS:   I hate you!!!!

TEEN MEANS:  I am angry with you/your decisions and I mistake that for hating you.  

TEEN SAYS: I love you

TEEN MEANS: I love you/I want something. 

TEEN SAYS: You’re so mean!!!!

TEEN MEANS: You don’t give me things! You don’t let me do what I want! I am not your main priority! 

TEEN SAYS: Go away

TEEN MEANS:  Stay to prove you love me. The more I say it, the more I need proof. 

TEEN SAYS: Of course I’ve done my homework. Duh-uh!

TEEN MEANS: This depends on teen. If teen is nerd then teen means: Yes/I will but I want to do it without you nagging. If teen is not nerd then teen means: I’ll do it tomorrow/will tell teacher my printer broke and give it in next lesson. 

TEEN SAYS: Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!!! (usually accompanied by flapping hand movements around face)


TEEN SAYS: *eyeroll*

TEEN MEANS: Your stupidity amazes me. 

TEEN SAYS: Mu-uuuuummmmm!!!/Da-aaaaaaaadddd!!!

TEEN MEANS: Paaaaaaaaaareeeeeent. I neeeeeed youuuuuuuu. A thing has arisen and I’m annoyed and you are neeeeeeeedeeeeeed!!!!

We hope this is of assistance in your teenage translationals.

El & Jae


June 27, 2013. Tags: . Random wisdoms.

One Comment

  1. Sarah MumofThree World replied:

    This is great, thanks! I’ve got just under a year until I’m the proud owner of a teenager, so I need all the help I can get! Thanks for linking up the Britmums teen and tween round-up.

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