We Came, We Saw, We Cybher-ed


Woo! Cybher!

We are very tired but we survived Cybher! Do you like our special Cybher haircuts?


Jae & El – not normally this purple, honest

First super surprise of the day was that El’s entry to the bag design competition had been successful. An actual design she made is now a real thing! And check out the cute little moustache keyring.

cybher-bag-designThank you to Leather Satchel Co for creating this.

We were super chuffed to meet up with the amazing Cath AKA The Kraken Wakes. Jae says El can read Cath’s blog when she’s 18 as it is very sweary.


Also, sweets

Just like last year El did some sketches. Here are a few to give you a flavour of the day:


We even got to cuddle one!

During the first session there was mention of a Google bomb. We don’t know what this is but it sounds immense.



Lunch was nice but every thing was teeny weeny!


The important stuff


True that

El was sceptical at something one of the speakers said…


So said a lawyer so it must be true

Another thing that El found a bit odd…


We learned about starting a business


Why can’t it last forever?

Also Sian (the wonderful lady who runs Cybher) is so amazing that El just has to say it…


Worth pointing out

All Cybher-ed out

June 2, 2013. Tags: , , . Stuff we love.


  1. Actually Mummy replied:

    Oooh I love your bag design! So pleased they made it for you!

  2. Emma replied:

    Don’t you find the tinier the food the yummier it is?! I arrived at 1 and headed straight for the door where the food was coming from.. Once I was filled with burgers I then went to say hello to people. I like to think I have my priorities in life sorted! 🙂

  3. (Mostly) Yummy Mummy replied:

    It was such an amazing day, wasn’t it? Awesome sketches by the way 🙂

  4. Sara replied:

    Haha love this!! The doodle of Emma so funny!

  5. clairet toplis replied:

    Amazing bag design

  6. eethree replied:

    A really lovely post! And so good to meet you both on Saturday…

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