Would you pass the Nerd test?

Have you noticed that there are lots of T shirts and other clothing in the shops which say ‘Geek’ or ‘Nerd’ on them?

Cut price nerd

Cut price nerd

We think it’s great that such things exist – who wouldn’t want to advertise their nerdiness with a jaunty slogan? Advertise to the world your love of the geek! HOWEVER this sort of clothing has now become so popular that a terrible thing has happened:

People who aren’t even Geeks are wearing Geek shirts!!!! NOOOO!!!!!



So if you’re not sure whether you are eligible or not, we have devised a handy quiz to help:

  • Would you prefer to lose all of your make up rather than all of your books? (Warning: some of these questions probably only apply to girls and flamboyant boys!)
  • Do you have at least two people whom you’d call friends but whom you have never actually met in person?
  • Have you read at least 10 books so far this year?
  • Do you have a blog?
  • Would you rather go play Minecraft than get your nails done?
  • Are there more computer devices than people living in your house?
  • When your teacher asks you to write what you know about the Spanish Armada (as an example) on a post it note do you mentally explode because it won’t all  fit on that tiny piece of paper? (El is speaking from a personal experience here.)
  • Do you have a minimum number of books that you will not leave the house without?
  • If someone asked you “Are you a geek/nerd?” you proudly say yes and go on to talk about your theories on why geeks shall inherit the earth!
Nerdiness can go to your head

Nerdiness can go to your head

If you can answer yes to at least two of these questions then Congratulations – you are a 100% certified Geek and may now wear a Geek or Nerd shirt.

Don’t worry if you didn’t say yes to all of them, you can still be a geek/nerd – but you will have to try a bit harder to earn the title! And remember – Geek is for Life.


El & Jae
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It’s the pits! But treat them kindly…

Make no mistake – we’re talking about stinky pits, rancid arm caves, skanky hollows, whatever you want to call them.

Personal hygiene is very important, which is why we recommend that you HAVE A WASH. Don’t wait until you feel smelly because by then it’s probably too late.

But if you are a kid then you probably want to feel fresh but not necessarily with the aid of chemicals. But there isn’t much choice for natural teen de-stinkifiers, even in Brighton where we live, where everything is made of knitted lentils.

So we were pleased to be asked to try a new range of natural deodorants for kids which go by the lovely name of Keep it Kind. They are for pongy kids aged 11-14.

Keep it Kind kids deodorant

El was sent the spray called Missy for girls (there’s also Blast for boys in the range) and Fresh Kidz which is a unisex roll on. She’s been putting them through their paces during heavy duty PE classes.

The good thing about this range is that they aren’t tested on animals (other than kids) and are free from aluminium, parabens and alcohol. Fresh Kidz is also fragrance free. They contain natural ingredients specially for younger skins and won’t mark your clothes like some deodorants can.

The packaging is designed to look nice in your bag.

El is a deodorant user (thank god) and in comparison Keep it Kind worked very well. Also it was fun to spray Missy around like in an advert. Jae thought that Missy smelt like a garden. El wanted to know why Jae was using her deodorant. Hmmmm…….

Keep it Kind deodorants for tweens and teens are available now from Boots priced around £3.

El & Jae

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A World Without Homework…

El has been dreaming of a special place.

A world….

A world without homework



What would your world without homework contain?



El & Jae
Dreaming of paradise

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