We’re 100 posts old!

Sorry if that makes us sound really ancient (though at least one of us is). This is our 100th post. And what have we learned?

  • El makes a very good cat


  • Never leave the house without 5 books minimum
  • Making your own lip balm is fun
  • Homework really should be banned
  • Stephen Fry deserves to be recognised for the deity he is


  • A good pair of glasses will take you a long way in life
  • Teenagers are not so scary as long as you feed them and don’t poke them with sticks too much
  • You can read a book up a tree


  • The Queen needs a cornflake
  • Music in the past was better, except when it wasn’t
  • Travelling to the far side of random is a nice place to be
  • Sometimes you will make a loaf of bread and it will end up looking like Homer Simpson’s butt


  • If anyone calls you a nerd they are just jealous
  • Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy is possibly the only thing in existence more random than us
ooh, yeah, Luxury Comedy

ooh, yeah, Luxury Comedy

So after 100 posts, is there anything left to say? Should we hand up our blogging specs and go bake some cakes instead?

Nah, we haven’t even introduced you to the Wereducks of Brighton yet, or told you about that time El saw Stephen Fry in a play.

Blog on comrades!

El & Jae
100 Posts Old

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