El meets Stephen Fry and his yellow tights

Do you remember when El live blogged Stephen Fry’s Gadget Man (I don’t think anyone could forget it)? Well on her birthday El had the ultimate Stephen Fry experience. First of all she got a bunch of Stephen Fry audio books.

Then she was given the ultimate Stephen Fry-related gift – tickets to see the great man himself live on stage in Twelfth Night.

Here is a picture. If you look up on the right hand side you can see El.




One of El’s favourite bits was when they first went in and some of the cast (Stephen Fry included) were getting their make up and costume done on the stage (as seen in the photo).

It was an absolutely amazing play and Stephen Fry was truly astounding, he was flabghastinglyaboslutelyterrifichewassogooditmademyeyespop! (Yes, I know that’s not word!) They put him in box at one point and he wore some magnificent yellow stockings. He was sososososososososo good!

It was very funny when Olivia was on the stage because the whole plot point depended on her being this beautiful girl that everyone falls in love with but because she was being played by a man she was a very ugly girl (although the actor who played her was not an ugly man).

The only other actor El had heard of was Barty Crouch Snr (can’t remember his real name). You know, he was in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. And he was the cyber controller in that episode of Dr Who. He is a very famous stage actor but El only knows him from these things.

In conclusion Stephen Fry was amazing hewasbetterthananyoneheisagodtomeomgheWASmalvoliohewastransformedmylifeiscomplete!

And if you get a chance to see him then you MUST go. Also Shakespeare AMAZING! People who think he’s boring just haven’t seen the light yet!

El and Jae

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Poop poop! It’s Wind in the Willows

It’s is no secret that El likes reading. Her favourite books of all are classics such as Black Beauty, Ballet Shoes and Five Children and It. And the Railway Children, Heidi and The Secret Garden. Not forgetting A Little Princess, Little Women, White Boots, Tennis Shoes, Dancing Shoes and What Katy Did (that’s not all of them). OK, just assume she likes them all.

When your child is a really confident reader it can be hard to find books that are engaging and interesting without seeming too babyish. This is why classics are great – you’ve got a story that’s stood the test of time, language that is old-fashioned enough to be fairly challenging and a story that’s suitable for a wide age range.

So when we were asked to review a special edition of a classic book it was definitely Happy Dance Time.

The book in question is Wind in the Willows and it’s been specially produced by The Folio Society. It’s a large hardback, comes in a protective slip case, and is bound in cloth and blocked in black and gold.




The paper is quite thick and the whole package has a lovely feel to it. Most pages have a gorgeous illustration – we enjoyed the fact that these were quite old fashioned and featured delights such as Mr Toad smoking a cigar and drinking his whiskey! You don’t get so much booze and fags in children’s books these days.

Despite all this it’s still quite an innocent world, as Toad, Ratty, Mole and Badger enjoy adventures by the riverbank. Just watch out for the ‘Poop Poop’ of Toad’s car!

It is a beautiful edition and we would recommend it for a very special present for your favourite reader. El is VERY CAREFUL with her copy and it’s not the kind of book you would read in the bath or take on a journey.

At £32.95 it’s not a cheap book, but it’s very much a book to keep and treasure. A keen reader would love this, or it would make a good present for a smaller child you’re hoping to entice into the love of books. El is very proud to have this on her shelf and will keep it forever and ever. And ever. And ever.

El & Jae
Poop poop!

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We’re 100 posts old!

Sorry if that makes us sound really ancient (though at least one of us is). This is our 100th post. And what have we learned?

  • El makes a very good cat


  • Never leave the house without 5 books minimum
  • Making your own lip balm is fun
  • Homework really should be banned
  • Stephen Fry deserves to be recognised for the deity he is


  • A good pair of glasses will take you a long way in life
  • Teenagers are not so scary as long as you feed them and don’t poke them with sticks too much
  • You can read a book up a tree


  • The Queen needs a cornflake
  • Music in the past was better, except when it wasn’t
  • Travelling to the far side of random is a nice place to be
  • Sometimes you will make a loaf of bread and it will end up looking like Homer Simpson’s butt


  • If anyone calls you a nerd they are just jealous
  • Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy is possibly the only thing in existence more random than us
ooh, yeah, Luxury Comedy

ooh, yeah, Luxury Comedy

So after 100 posts, is there anything left to say? Should we hand up our blogging specs and go bake some cakes instead?

Nah, we haven’t even introduced you to the Wereducks of Brighton yet, or told you about that time El saw Stephen Fry in a play.

Blog on comrades!

El & Jae
100 Posts Old

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