Jae’s Day Without Technology – Live Blogging

9:50 – I’ve removed the hair dryer from Jae’s room and have gathered her phone, kindle and laptop (she still has an ancient one but that’s in Eye’s room so he can watch a DVD and it shall stay there.)

9:55 – THE RULES:

  • She is allowed to use lights. 
  • No phone (mobile or otherwise)
  • She is allowed to watch TV if someone else in the room is watching it BUT she cannot turn it on, change the channel, request for a channel change or request a volume change. She cannot touch the remote.
  • No kindle (only real books!)
  • No laptop (which means I can use it all day!).
  • No hair dryer (hair is to dry naturally / towel dried)
  • No kettle (she must ask others to make her tea and if no one else is in the house she must make it on the stove).
  • No toaster (again, she must ask for it to be made)
  • Flushing the loo is DEFINITELY ALLOWED!!! As with showers!
  • The oven is allowed
  • The microwave is off-limits.
  • No radio.
  • No iron.
  • She not allowed to use the washing machine (hopefully ElDad will do it).
  • If she finds anything else that might be technology OF ANY KIND then El must be consulted IMMEDIATELY!!!
  • Rules may be added to throughout the day.
  • She is allowed to run herself a bath.

10:10 – No sign of Jae. Will go check on her.

10:15 – Jae was up and demanded tea. I’ve sent ElDad to get it. Jae informed me that she herself has done a post on today. She’d written it last night so it’s WITHIN THE RULES!

10:40 – Jae is trying to negotiate use of the hair dryer in return for washing the clothes. I have said no.

10:42 – Jae has made a sad face.

10:48 – Jae has gone for a bath.

11:59 – Jae is out of the bath and doing some stuff. She seems to be coping.

12:11 – Jae just made do the washing. ‘shudder’

12:14 – Jae had a text on her phone and I really wanted to do a silly reply but she didn’t let me… sigh…

12:21 – Jae says she is feeling frustrated. She will soon commence on ye olde walk to get ye olde paper. I shall accompany. Someone needs to keep an eye on her!

6:21 – I’m sorry I haven’t updated in AGES so I’ll give you a round up: On the walk I cycled along with Jae and we bought all we needed. Once home I baked a treacle tart and Jae did some baking too. I went out and got custard and we had tea. Jae has so far been good.

9:10 – I am in bed and am dreaming of magic unicorn children and Jae is to be left on her own tonight as ElDad is off to see a band with a artist dad of my friend. I’ve still got her stuff in my room but I can’t remove the TV so I’m a little worried. Jae has been reading a lot today and she seems peaceful and feels a bit out of touch. I would regard the day as a success. Unfortunately she’s trying to make me do it next weekend…

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January 27, 2013. Tags: , . Random wisdoms.


  1. ellenarnison27 replied:

    Blimey you’re very brave – I wonder how a technology free day would work in this house.

  2. AngelaC replied:

    You didn’t think you can get away with it do you lol Will we see how you get on with it next week? 😉 But yes well done to Jae, doubt we can handle that very well! Come to think of it, I should do that one day to my tech addict husband!

  3. anyaharris replied:

    Great idea X

  4. Can A Day Without Technology Change My Life? replied:

    […] I got over the shock of the mere premise, I read Joanne’s blog post, and the blog of her daughter who originally set the challenge, I started thinking about […]

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