2012 – an extremely Eljae year

El and Jae say Happy New Year

El and Jae say Happy New Year

We’re just squeezing in a last post as 2012 draws to a close.

So – how was it for you? Did you enjoy the Olympics? Did you do Gangnam Style? Did the rain fall on your lovely head?

This is what we liked about 2012 (not necessarily in order):

1. The royal pregnancy being announced. 
El is very into the royal family as she considers them to be history in the making (El is into history). When she heard about it El did a happy dance. We look forward to seeing the baby in 2013. (Will it be a boy or girl?)

2. Diamond Jubilee
60 years on the throne! How do we celebrate? Draw some boats in the rain. Marvellous!

 3. Olympics
Other than getting to watch a bit live and the opening and closing ceremonies El was a bit ‘whatever’ about the whole thing. She’s not that sporty. We just put it in because the Queen parachuted out a helicopter. Jae enjoyed it all more than she expected to.

4. The aliens landing
Only Jae really knows about this and no one believes her. But you will in 2013.

All in all it’s been a good year. And now 2012 is ending and El is now a teenager. Will we get out of it alive???????

Happy New Year, we love you!!!!

El and Jae
New year, same old bloggers

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These boots were made for Eljae

How are your feet in this frosty weather? Are they chilly and frostbitten or toasty warm? El has been experiencing extra toastiness in the feet direction, ever since shoe company Barratts invited her to review their range.

El in Boots

El in Boots

We had heard of Barratts, but somehow the shops have managed to pass us by, even though apparently there is one in the centre of Brighton.

The junior girls section has a few styles with low heels, and lots of flatter heeled boots and shoes which of course are much better for stomping about.

Every girl, young or old, needs a decent pair of stompy boots.

El chose these Biker Boots with a buckle trim. The regular price is £28, but at the time we ordered there was 30% off everything which put them down to under £20.

Right there’s still 30% off everything and free delivery for orders over £30 (don’t know when this is ending), so if you know your size then it definitely pays to order online.

El thought that the boots were completely gorgeous and they are. They’re really lovely. Lovely, lovely completely amazing! Yaaaaay!!! Seriously they look AMAZING!!! And feel super comfy to wear.

They’re manmade (not leather) and the inside of the boots has a cosy fleecy feel. For some reason the design makes El’s feet look smaller than they really are (which freaked El out)!


Our only slight quibble is that delivery wasn’t particularly fast(though to be fair, quicker than promised) – we opted for the standard delivery which promised to arrive in 7 days, but it actually took 6 days. Jae placed the order on the Monday morning and El’s boots arrived on Saturday afternoon. You can pay for faster delivery but it’s quite pricey at £5.50.

Also we noticed that the company doesn’t offer free returns, which many online retailers do. You can still return shoes if you don’t like them, but you’ll have to pay the postage (unless there’s a fault).

But all in all we give a big thumbs (and toes) up to Barratts’ boots. Thank you to Barratts for sending us these boots to review and for saving El from the horror of unfashionable footwear.


El and Jae
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Teenmageddon Approaches

El is turning into a teenager soon.

Jae is scared.

But at least El is still polite.


El and Jae
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