Gifts for…everybody, really

You may have noticed that there is a gifting season coming up. Actually, double gifting if your name is El and you have a birthday in the same week.

So perfect timing for us to be asked to try out the Gifts for the Girls website.

But we are not particularly girly girls. El is a long way from being a pinky princess and Jae gets twitchy if she’s wearing less than 3 items of black clothing. We like gadgets and practical stuff, we like toys and we don’t like useless fluffiness (unless on kittens – KITTENS RULE!).

So could Gifts for the Girls deliver to very particular girls/women like us?

Well, you can’t fault them on choice. There are over 3,000 gifts on the site, including lots of things under £10, so you could get a big chunk of your Christmas shopping done at once.

We were invited to choose two gifts up to the value of £40 and after a lot of chin scratching and clickety clicking this is what we went for:

Rotary Motorised Coin Sorter (RRP £24.99)

This is the Rolls Royce of money boxes. You put your change in the top and it automatically sorts it out for you. The tubes of coins swing out like arms so you can extract your sorted loot. It’s very simple but totally hypnotic. Jae has a change box where she saves up pennies for Christmas, and this sorted them out in seconds.

We loved this item, (there was somthing highly amusing about it – Jae was giggling like a 5 year old) but it wasn’t perfect – the coins got stuck a few times and we had to lever off the top to get it going again. It wasn’t entirely accurate (why is that 1p in the 20p tube? Why?! If that was true I would be 19p RICHER!) Also batteries aren’t included, so you’ll have to supply two C sized batteries. And occasionally coins have disappeared in there that didn’t resurface till the next time we used it.

So not a 100% success although we did like it a lot and would be pleased to receive this as a gift (if we didn’t already have one).

We also ordered the Make Your Own Lip Balm kit. (RRP £14.99)

This is something which you could either give as a gift in itself, or use it to make 4 further gifts. It contains (almost) all you need to make 4 lip balms – all you have to add is a little sunflower oil. There are also gift bags and ribbon to make your lip balms look good.

The instructions are very clear and easy to follow – it’s basically a process of melting the ingredients together. It needs adult supervision and has the potential to be messy but really it’s quite simple and fun to do.

El ADORED this, it was fun to make and the lip balms were extremely moisturising (MOIST! What a pleasing word!) and smelt of orange but not too strongly. It made a great gift and there is something oddly satisfying about using lip balm you have made yourself.

We know that girls aged around 12 can be hard to buy for, but we think either of these would be a good choice for the tweenager in your life.

The Details
Gifts for the Girls
has over 3,000 gifts. We found the site easy to navigate – we didn’t have to wait ages for pages to load. Yes there is a fair amount of pink stuff, but to be fair a lot of girls like that stuff and you might have to buy a present for them. Plus there is also a good selection gadgets, geeky stuff and a talking toilet roll holder. (Who DOESN’T need one of those? You can record your own message. Imagine the comedy possibilities?!)

The site says they’ve been trading for over 23 years and have over 1 million satisfied customers. Delivery costs from £4.99 (overseas delivery is more) and orders in most cases arrive within 5 days.


What gifts are you buying for the girls in your life this Christmas? Leave a comment, we won’t tell.


El and Jae
Thank you very much

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