Things that make you go LOL

Here are three videos we like to put a smile on your face:

This is a wintery one showing ducks getting blown away in the wind – very sweet and funny:

Doesn’t it just make you go AWWWWW!!!!!!!!

This one is adorable!:

Our favourite moment is when they look at each other and go ‘LETS ROCK!’

And this one is very muppety:

Mmmmmmm….. Buried in da pope-de-corn!

What’s your favourite funny video? Leave us a link! We like to laff!

El and Jae
Lol-ing all the way home.

November 20, 2012. Tags: , , , , . Funnies.


  1. Matthew (@Matth9999) replied:

    Popcorn? – can’t beat the Crazy Frog version….

  2. Our greatest hits – packed with nutritious goodness « Eljae – A blog by El and Jae replied:

    […] favourite posts have also been the extreme reading ones but she also really likes the things that make you go lol post because it’s funny and whenever she watches the videos she gets a […]

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