Horrible Histories – now it’s a comic

We LOVE Horrible Histories in our house – the books, the TV show and even the stage show. So when we heard it was going to be made into a comic we were super excited. Even more so when Jae said she would buy it.

But could we find it in a shop to buy? Horribly, no.

The first issue came out just before half term and we looked EVERYWHERE for it. Well OK not quite everywhere but definitely lots of shops in Brighton, Norfolk, Wales and any service stations in between.

But it was nowhere to be found – perhaps all the Horrible Histories fans had got there first.

So we were superextracallifragically chuffed when the PR for the Horrible Histories comic got in touch and offered to send us a copy20121112-185918.jpg to review.

So assuming you can get your hands on a copy, what can you expect from the Horrible Histories comic?

First of all there is a suitably horrible gift with every copy – we had a yucky rat that made Jae squeal.

It was filled to the brim with facts (did you know that in 1535 Henry VIII hung drawn and quatered three monks?), pictures (drawn by the amazing Martin Brown), quizzes (according to Which Mean Queen Are You? El is Queen Elizabeth I and Jae is Queen Victoria) and even song lyrics (Born to ruuule over yooooou….)!

We all completely love it and would definitely recommend it to any Horrible Histories fan.

Horrible Histories Magazine is out every 4 weeks priced £2.99. Each issue contains a free horrible gift and loads of horrible stickers.

El and Jae
Hearting the Horrible

November 12, 2012. Tags: , , , . Reviews.

One Comment

  1. Actually Mummy replied:

    OOooh we are fans of Horrible Histories, and we’re looking for a subscription for the Bug to make up for GG having First News every week – this might have to go on his list!

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