Snacks in the interval

Usually our post just contains bills and boring catalogues. But recently the postie has delivered something yummier – snacks!

First of all we were asked to try out Special K Cracker Crisps. This was very exciting as we always have crisps when Doctor Who is on, and we needed something to cheer us up now that the series is finished.

We got sent a box of the sweet chilli flavour to review and the box only lasted about 5 minutes, so we never got to photograph it. What El really wanted to try was the Salt & vinegar flavour, so Jae was dispatched to Sainsburys where they were on special offer for £1.

So what are Special K Cracker Crisps?

Many of you know Special K as a cereal, very tasty with a number of supermarket copies. Very normal and nice. But now it has MUTATED!!!
This meal for breakfast has turned into CRACKER CRISPS!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

We had to send Jae temporarily to an asylum because it blew her MIND!

El liked these because they were like crisps but with a slight Special K aftertaste. They were a bit lighter than normal crisps and saltier too but very tasty! Jae thinks that she is more of an oatcake person. However when El was asked if they were bettter than regular crisps she said perhaps not. But unlike crisps in a packet there was a lot in one box. And they didn’t break up so much in the box.

But that’s not all! The postman has been bringing us other snacks.

First a joke:

How to entertain a cow? Take it to the moovies

Sorry, that was a terrible joke. Couldn’t resist though, as we have been trying out yoomoo frozen yoghurt. Jae first had some of this at BlogCamp, and El had sadface 😦 because she had to go to school that day.

Then El had happyface 🙂 cos the yoomoo people sent us a voucher to try some more at home (though it was only a £2 voucher and the tub cost £3.49 so we’re hardly raking it in).

Aaaanyway, what’s it like, you may ask? Is it as nice as icecream?

We tried the strawbmoo AKA strawberry flavour (they also do chocolate, tropical and natural yoghurt flavour). It comes in small (150 ml, £1.79) and big (750 ml, £3.49) tubs. You can get it in most big supermarkets. We also invented our own yoomoo dessert with ginger biscuits and sprinkles:

It’s made of 70% natural British yoghurt and is low in fat. Though the next listed ingredient next to the yoghurt is sugar, so it’s not quite a health food item.

El thought that it tasted as good as ice cream perhaps EVEN BETTER!!!

We thought it was very delicious – the taste is quite like ice cream, but yoghurtier.

So that was our snack break – what’s your favourite snack?

El and Jae

Tasty treats

October 22, 2012. Reviews.

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