Ooooops! Too many Reviews!

Hey there my lovelies, and might I say how nice you look today?

So, there I was waiting for a new Derren Brown show (Apocalypse) to come on and for my cookies to bake, I realised that me and Jae have been doing quite a lot of reviews lately. All very nice and good but we don’t want this blog to become Review Town. So I decided to write a post to say sorry. And here it is.

So… sorry

Oh hang on my cookies are beeping. Back in a mo…

They needed a few more minutes. Jae had to tell me that because my glasses had steamed up.

No one tell the Cookie Monster

Oh there they go again.

I tried to duck this time but yet again I was temporarily unable to see. Sorry I’m getting rather off subject. So, anyway sorry. I can’t say there won’t be more reviews but I will say that there will be more Gangnam Style. You can watch it whilst I go drizzle chocolate.

Chocolate completed! I am also very proud to report that I was one of the first 9,000,000 people to view that video on YouTube thanks to my Korean friend. Considering that the video has now got over 500,000,000 (UPDATE: 815,000,000, making it the most watched video on YouTube!!!) views I’m very proud of that fact. As well as baking, doing Gangnam style and screaming about new Derren Brown, what else have I been doing? Helping my best friend on her new blog (more on that later), starting a Herman Cake and turning Lord Sugar into a vampire at school in lunchtime.

I’m going to Diss tomorrow so this probably won’t get posted until Sunday, though I’m writing it on Friday.

It seems, looking back, that I must apologise again. This post is extremely random. Ah well, random is as random does (I’ve no idea what that means).

Oddballing around

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Snacks in the interval

Usually our post just contains bills and boring catalogues. But recently the postie has delivered something yummier – snacks!

First of all we were asked to try out Special K Cracker Crisps. This was very exciting as we always have crisps when Doctor Who is on, and we needed something to cheer us up now that the series is finished.

We got sent a box of the sweet chilli flavour to review and the box only lasted about 5 minutes, so we never got to photograph it. What El really wanted to try was the Salt & vinegar flavour, so Jae was dispatched to Sainsburys where they were on special offer for £1.

So what are Special K Cracker Crisps?

Many of you know Special K as a cereal, very tasty with a number of supermarket copies. Very normal and nice. But now it has MUTATED!!!
This meal for breakfast has turned into CRACKER CRISPS!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

We had to send Jae temporarily to an asylum because it blew her MIND!

El liked these because they were like crisps but with a slight Special K aftertaste. They were a bit lighter than normal crisps and saltier too but very tasty! Jae thinks that she is more of an oatcake person. However when El was asked if they were bettter than regular crisps she said perhaps not. But unlike crisps in a packet there was a lot in one box. And they didn’t break up so much in the box.

But that’s not all! The postman has been bringing us other snacks.

First a joke:

How to entertain a cow? Take it to the moovies

Sorry, that was a terrible joke. Couldn’t resist though, as we have been trying out yoomoo frozen yoghurt. Jae first had some of this at BlogCamp, and El had sadface 😦 because she had to go to school that day.

Then El had happyface 🙂 cos the yoomoo people sent us a voucher to try some more at home (though it was only a £2 voucher and the tub cost £3.49 so we’re hardly raking it in).

Aaaanyway, what’s it like, you may ask? Is it as nice as icecream?

We tried the strawbmoo AKA strawberry flavour (they also do chocolate, tropical and natural yoghurt flavour). It comes in small (150 ml, £1.79) and big (750 ml, £3.49) tubs. You can get it in most big supermarkets. We also invented our own yoomoo dessert with ginger biscuits and sprinkles:

It’s made of 70% natural British yoghurt and is low in fat. Though the next listed ingredient next to the yoghurt is sugar, so it’s not quite a health food item.

El thought that it tasted as good as ice cream perhaps EVEN BETTER!!!

We thought it was very delicious – the taste is quite like ice cream, but yoghurtier.

So that was our snack break – what’s your favourite snack?

El and Jae

Tasty treats

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A day of dogs and zombies

What’s got six legs, lots of hair and blogs?

It’s El and Phileas Dogg!

A blogger meet up at Brighton Pavilion!

Yesterday we were honoured with a visit from Attlee AKA top dog blogger Phileas Dogg and his human companion Jane. They had come to check out how dog-friendly Brighton is. Alas not so much, as it turns out you can’t take dogs on the pier.

Weirdly, yesterday was also the day of the Zombie Beach Walk, and so whilst they didn’t allow dogs on the pier, they did allow zombies. There were THOUSANDS of them. We’d like to imagine what people would have thought if they hadn’t known what was going on.


And Attlee made friends with a zombie dog. Well as friendly as you can be with a zombie who probably wants to eat your brains. Actually it seems Attlee was the scarier hound.

So thank you to Attlee and Jane and all the zombies for visiting Brighton. It was hair-raising to say the least!

El and Jae
Raised from the dead

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Scary movie – Monster High: Ghouls Rule

It’s only a few weeks until Halloween. We love Halloween and El has been getting ready:


We have also been watching a scary movie, which was sent to us for review and is brand new released this week. But not any old scary movie – this one’s suitable for kids.

Monster High: Ghouls Rule is the first film featuring the animated versions of the mega popular Monster High range of dolls. All the favourites are here: Frankie  Stein (based on Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein’s monster), Draculaura (Bram Stoker’s Dracula), Clawdeen Wolf (werewolf) and Abbey Bominable (the Abominable Snowman). It’s a bit like High School Musical without the songs but with added fangs. Grrrrrr!

The plot involves the beastly students on a mission to win back Halloween from the Normies.

We like the underlying ethos of: Be Yourself, Be Unique, Be a Monster. What a great motto to live by.

El liked Cleo the Mummy’s daughter, the clothes obsessed spolit brat and the headless headmistress.

As a film, though, it makes a great doll advert. Little brother Eye found it too horrific, and not in the way the makers intended, as he covered his eyes and complained This is really bad.

But this DVD is not really aimed at little brothers. If you like the dolls you will like this.

If you like animated high school kids with snakes in their hair you will like it even more.

It wasn’t really aimed at our age group so we didn’t really engage with it that much, but then we don’t have the dolls and we think that younger girls would really enjoy it.

Monster High: Ghouls Rule is released on 8th October in DVD, Blu Ray and digital download formats, priced from £10.99, currently reduced to a bargain £8 at Amazon. Includes main feature plus three extra bonus short cartoons.

El and Jae
Seriously Spooky

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Oy! You! Get Over Here and Wash Your Mucky Face


Sorry, please don’t think us rude.

Oy! is a new brand of skincare from Green People, and it stands for Organic Young. It’s designed to help with breakouts of spots and heal the skin at the same time. It’s the first certified organic and fairly traded range for young skin.

It’s aimed at teen skin, and as El is almost 13 (Jae shudders), she was asked to try it out.

El was sent the Oy! Cleanse & Moisturise and Oy! Foaming Clear Skin Face Wash and has been using them for the last few weeks.

Oy! Cleanse & Moisturise contains Willow Bark, Green Tea and Rosemary. You can use it for taking off make-up, cleansing your skin and moisturising it afterwards.

Cleanse & Moisturise – The Verdict
El has been mostly using it as a moisturiser but has been trying the cleanser side as well. No water is actually needed which is handy as El can do it in her room, without having to get up and ACTUALLY MOVE! To cleanse, all that is required is to rub it on your skin and then wipe it off. Lovely jubbly! To moisturise (MOISTURISE ME! MOISTURISE ME!) you must dab it into your skin and leave it in. El has been enjoying it very much.

At £9.95 for 50ml this is a more expensive product than we would normally buy. But it’s organic and Fair Trade and inevitably that doesn’t come cheap. But they have a brilliant offer on right now at Green People here where you get a free Hit the Spot blend as well, which is worth £4.99, so that sounds totally worth it.

Oy! Foaming Clear Skin Face Wash costs £11.95 for 100 ml, but is also on special offer at the moment and you get a Hit the Spot oil free with it. It contains organic Green Tea, Witch Hazel, Sage, Tea Tree and Willow Bark.

Foaming Face Wash – The Verdict
El liked that this foamed up like soap but didn’t leave her skin feeling dried out like soap can. It was fun to use El has been spot free since using this (although she usually is). El absolutely in love with this face wash. She would definitely recommend this and the Cleanser above.

After a few weeks of using these products El has slightly gone Gollum my precious over these products.

Jae and El 🙂
Squeaky Clean

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