For anybody starting secondary school this week

When Jae was at secondary school, it was a bit rubbish. Now El is at secondary school and it’s better (mostly). We have been thinking about the whole starting school business and this is our advice:

If you see someone on their own, say hi or smile or give some friendly vibes
Sometimes being friendly is the biggest gift you can give. Give it out and it will come back to you. But don’t be too friendly like a stalker because that will creep people out.

If you’re thinking a mean thought about someone, keep it to yourself
If you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t say it behind their back. And even then, sometimes you don’t need to say it. Just push that nastiness out your head!

If people are being mean to you, it’s not the end of the world
Everybody has tough times in their life. If your tough times are happening at school then the good news is that at least you’ve got your tough times over and done with early. It’ll all get better from here. (Probably.)

Talk to someone new as often as you can
Don’t just stick to the same groups. There are cool people all around you, but you won’t know unless you say hello.

Don’t worry so much about fitting in
We know that fitting in is a big deal at school, but sometimes not fitting in is something to be proud of too. The thing about being an outsider is: there are a lot more people on the outside than on the in.

El says:
If you get put in a group in class with somone you don’t know then this is a great opportunity to make a new friend. Or if one of your old friends makes a new one then get to know them. Oh and do your homework.

Do you have a tip for people starting back to school? Are you starting back to school? Leave a comment, even if you’ve never been to school!

September 3, 2012. Tags: , , . Random wisdoms, Top Tips.

One Comment

  1. Actually Mummy replied:

    This is fabulous advice. Did you just start??? Good luck if so, if not, well done for writing this for others – really helpful. I’ll try and remember to come back in… 4 years!

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