Extreme Reading – a new Olympic sport?

The thing we really liked about the Olympics was that there was a sport for everybody.

Actually, not quite.

Where were the bookworm sports? Maybe next time. El has been practising her Extreme Reading.

Event One: Reading whilst walking

Event Two: Reading whilst climbing

The Finals: Reading in the winner’s enclosure


El & Jae
Read any good books lately?

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The one where we make a Doctor Who movie

Jae says:

I am going to tell you about something which is one of the best products we have ever reviewed. And not just because it kept the juniorlings occupied for days over the school holidays.

It’s because it helped us make a Doctor Who movie! And here it is:

The product we were reviewing is called the Honestech Claymation Studio and it’s a camera and software that enables children to make stop motion animation films. And you know the really cool thing about it?

The camera looks like a little dog:

The actual camera lens bit is in his nose, his legs form the tripod to keep him steady and he gets connected to the computer via a USB cable in his butt. Oh well, never mind little doggie.

The whole system was incredibly easy to use and Eye, who’s 9, had animated some of his Lego models within half an hour, without any adult help. When El and Eye worked on their Doctor Who movie together they were really co-operating and playing together well. At least I think they were. I had sneaked off to do some Mumstuff at that point.

We think the Claymation Studio is a really cool product that kid movie makers will love. It’s creative and fun. Claymation Studio 3.0 Deluxe costs £39.99 from Amazon and we think it’s well worth it. Would also be a good gift for a couple of kids to share.

As well as doggie cam, we were also sent another animation product to review: Crazy Talk 6 Professionalby Reallusion. This is harder to review as they sent us the more expensive Pro version by mistake. Eldad had a play with this – he is an animation expert as he makes cartoons for The Proper Telly. He thought it was great, but too advanced for home use.

For home movie fans, we reckon that Crazy Talk Animator (PC), which is around £30, looks like a better option.

The Crazy Talk system is all about animating faces. You can take any photo or picture you’ve made and turn it into a moving image. So again it’s very creative and fun. Or as we found out, it can be very, very disturbing.

You can even animate your own face, which is what El did with it. Probably best not to watch this if you’re under 12. Or alone. Or prone to nightmares. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Afraid, very afraid

with help from El

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Eljae goes abroad – ooh la la!

Helloooooo my lovelies!

In the summer holidays me, Jae, Eye and ElDad (but sadly not Dennis the Cat) went on a magnifique holiday to France. We went to a wonderful static mobile home site from a company called Siblu. I made a video to tell you all about it (filmed and edited by me and starring me, Jae, ElDad and Eye):

Bonnes vacances!/Happy Holidays!

Mademoiselle El et Madame Jae

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Help! There’s a teacher in my pub!

At the end of my street there is a pub. It’s a very nice pub and children are allowed in there until eight. I have been going there since I’ve lived near it and Eye has been going there since he was born. We tend to go every Friday or Saturday and it’s a little treat for us all. Every single time I get chips. Chippy chips. Mmmmmm lovely.

But recently things have been a little annoying. Because my old teachers have been in the pub. My old school is extremely close to my house which is even closer to the pub. So (I can only assume) after a hard weeks work they have gone down to the pub for a pint and a chat. Unfortunately for me. Well it’s nice to see them and all just as long as they don’t see you. Then it just gets awkward.

Don’t get me wrong. I quite enjoy seeing my old music teacher riding away on a moped as I come home from Hogwarts, my year 6 teacher sitting next to my old RE teacher in a table I myself have enjoyed many a family meal my and old year 5 teacher ordering a pint.

It’s just that when they see you then you are forced to talk to them. Going back to my old school and having a good chat would be lovely.

But talking to them out of school. With your parents there.

Awkward. So awkward. So amazingly awkward. And embarrassing.

So teachers I still miss your teachings. You were great and interesting. It’s not just you, my old teachers that I have not really talked to for about a year.

Recently I was in town with some friends who are not in my current school. Then I saw my Maths and occasional Science teacher. In the summer holidays. I wasn’t aware that they were friends. Needless to say I grabbed my friends and shoved them into a baking shop.

Those teachers no longer teach me.

Teachers it’s not that’s you. It’s because it’s out of school. Don’t take it personally. You were great. I miss everything about that school. But, teachers I don’t think you belong out of school. Perhaps you should sleep in school like the Krillitanes in Doctor Who. Don’t get me wrong. Those teachers were amazing. But I don’t deal well with awkwardness. So please teachers, socialise far far away from your pupils.

I hope they don’t read this.


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Here is the First News!

We are in this week’s issue of First News, the children’s newspaper! You can find us on page 16

The Daily El

Hello if you have come to visit after reading First News.

We are dead proud and a big thanks to First News for putting us in. 😀

We’ve bought 3 copies. The lady at the till gave a weird look. Oh well!

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Derren Brown. Nuff said.

Hello there my dears. A couple of posts ago when I wrote about what I’ve been up to I deliberately missed out the most exiting thing that happened to me.

I went to a Derren Brown live show.


It was INCREDIBLE! If you have been living in a cave or have an objection to Channel 4 or something and you don’t know who Derren Brown is then allow me to explain.

He is an amazing magician / illusionist / mind reader. Plus he’s really good at painting. And instead of saying cheese on toast he calls it toast under cheese. Genius!

Derren Brown is not just a man who performs tricks, he is so much more. He’s incredibly deep and meaningful in what he does. His last televised series was 4 specials called the Experiments. He looked at luck and crowd anonymity and he convinced a man he’d killed someone. Oh and he got someone to kill Stephen Fry. Not really, Stephen Fry’s fine. Fake gun and blood packs. But there was this audience who thought he’d been killed. If you want to check it out they’re all on 4od.

The show I went to see was called Svengali and it was AMAZING!!! I won’t give anything away though because he asked us not to. I’m too devoted to disobey him.

At one point he got a bit he was doing wrong. It’s not his fault it’s the human race’s fault for not having arms that reach to their feet. I think that’s great though because it proves that he’s not using actors or anything.

Derren Brown has also written two books called Tricks of the Mind and Confessions of a Conjuror. The latter is my favorite as it’s like an autobiography.

I went with a friend which made the experience even more fun. We went on the train together. Awesome!

At one point Derren Brown was in the crowd and he was at the end of my row and I was about 4 seats away from him. In my head I was just thinking ‘Omg! Omg! He’s so real!’

The night I saw a Derren Brown live show was possibly the best night of my life, even the night I was born (that was just messy and painful for everyone). I have vowed that I will see another Derren Brown show even if I’m old and manky. Unless he stops doing them, then I will cry.

So that is my Derren Brown experience. He’s so awesome it hurts. If you haven’t seen any of his shows then do! Now!

Derren Brown Worshipper.

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For anybody starting secondary school this week

When Jae was at secondary school, it was a bit rubbish. Now El is at secondary school and it’s better (mostly). We have been thinking about the whole starting school business and this is our advice:

If you see someone on their own, say hi or smile or give some friendly vibes
Sometimes being friendly is the biggest gift you can give. Give it out and it will come back to you. But don’t be too friendly like a stalker because that will creep people out.

If you’re thinking a mean thought about someone, keep it to yourself
If you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t say it behind their back. And even then, sometimes you don’t need to say it. Just push that nastiness out your head!

If people are being mean to you, it’s not the end of the world
Everybody has tough times in their life. If your tough times are happening at school then the good news is that at least you’ve got your tough times over and done with early. It’ll all get better from here. (Probably.)

Talk to someone new as often as you can
Don’t just stick to the same groups. There are cool people all around you, but you won’t know unless you say hello.

Don’t worry so much about fitting in
We know that fitting in is a big deal at school, but sometimes not fitting in is something to be proud of too. The thing about being an outsider is: there are a lot more people on the outside than on the in.

El says:
If you get put in a group in class with somone you don’t know then this is a great opportunity to make a new friend. Or if one of your old friends makes a new one then get to know them. Oh and do your homework.

Do you have a tip for people starting back to school? Are you starting back to school? Leave a comment, even if you’ve never been to school!

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