What’s El been up to?

Hello there my little squidglings and how are you today? Is that new? It suits you!
My apologies (Or apo-logees as they say in Blackadder. Well in one episode. And they only said it twice.) for not writing recently but we have been on our holibobs! (We’ll write about that later when I’ve finished my movie about it.)

Seeing as it’s been so long  I thought I’d give you my top 3 things I’ve been doing recently.

1. Went on holidays to France as mentioned above. We all had a lovely time, ElDad celebrated a lovely birthday there.








2. Went to the Olympics. I saw football and beach volleyball with Eye. (And an adult  obviously.) The relative we went with (lets call him Bee) was also a Gamesmaker and saw some basketball and handball. He also guarded some stairs and scanned some tickets. He really enjoyed it!

3. Made an animation about Dr Who with Eye. I did that today actually. Hopefully if we are able to put it on YouTube you’ll be able to see it!







Must go now but I hope you have a beautiful day! And if you’re reading this at night and your day is basically over then I hope tomorrow is beautiful.

TTFN (I love saying that)

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