Review: We Are Scientists

School’s out for summer!

School’s out for ever!

Actually, it’s not.

We’ve got to go back in September, but let’s pretend for now.

Even though our brains are in need of a big rest, we don’t mind educational toys as long as they are FUN.

The appliance of science

El and Eye both did really well in science class this year, so we were really pleased to have a play with some science kits which were sent to us for review by DKL Toys. At first glance these aren’t the most excitingly packaged toys – Jae thought they looked more like classroom resources than something you’d pick up in a toy shop. But when we opened them up we found that they were a lot more fun than the outside suggests.

First up, we tried out the Miniland Jet Air Rocket Kit. It’s designed to teach you about physics and air power. This was a very simple kit to put together – in under 10 minutes we’d created a rocket. It’s stated as being for

Professor Dennis builds a rocket

age 8-14 but younger children could manage it with help. Dennis the cat will help if you like. It costs £12.95, comes in a nice metal tin and is a good size for a birthday present.

Then we moved on to a bigger kit, the Miniland Electric Circuit Kit. At £24.95 it’s more expensive than the jet rocket kit, but we spent much longer playing with it.

Over all we think it gives good value for money as it offers a wide variety of experiments which a number of children can work on together. It includes 88 pieces including motors, switches, lights and noisy sirens.

It’s also marked as suitable for age 8-14 but El and Eye were learning about the kind of circuits it contains in Year 2 (so aged around 7). Eye who’s 9 had no problem using the kit.

Experimenting with Miniland Electrokit

You can use the kit to do up to 80 experiments, which are clearly explained in the booklet that comes with it, including lighting a bulb, creating a siren and sending signals.

Be warned though – batteries are not included and you will need 4 AA batteries – we ended up cannibalising the TV remote, so with this kit you may end up watching less telly, whether you intend to or not.

El and Eye’s verdict:

We like these kits – they’re cool! The experiment we liked best involved making a flying fan that flew right up to the ceiling. We also liked being able to make our own circuits as we enjoyed doing that at school but hadn’t been able to do it at home before.

All in all these are great kits to encourage an interest in science – if the summer carries on like it’s been doing then this could be a good investment for indoor fun. And we like the look of the rest of the Miniland range too – they seem like proper science rather than a flimsy craft kit. And by the time you go back to school you will be top of the class!


Professors El and Jae
We has skillz

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  1. Matthew (@Matth9999) replied:

    Aah, those 3 little words “BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED”, kind of spins around to getting batteries and stuff at 99p store.

    Main reason I’m commenting, took me back to my old Philips X20 (basic electricity) and X40 (Radio & Electronic) kits, with a circuit board and components mounted on carriers that bolted to the board.
    Best circuit that had, was a 2 transistor radio with reaction, a clever trick that vastly increases sensitivty & reception, until you push it too far and it makes a horrible noise … wen’t on to be interested in amateur radio, and ended up getting my transmitting licence.

    The current “foundation” licence has no minimum age limit and may be an interesting option for anyone who likes science & technology.

  2. Miniland Educational replied:

    […] kits got a good workout at Eljae. First they tried out a rocket set and then moved on to an Electronics Kit. Both got the thumbs up […]

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