Gather round my children…

Hello random people!

El here which feels a bit odd, because me and Jae usually co-write things but today I felt a bit bored so I thought I might write a story or blog about something. Then I decided to combine the two and write a story for Eljae. So here it goes!

A long time ago in galaxy far far away two football teams battle it out. One team (Jedi United) was mean and nasty and used light sabers which was cheating. They chanted mean things like ‘Mr Vader, see you later, Mauly wauly, go back to Crawley’ and ‘The Sith is a myth! The Sith is a myth!’.
The other side, the Sith, were kind and gentle. They called their side, the ‘Dark’ side as a joke and their only slogan or rhyme was ‘Come to the Dark Side, We Have Cookies!’ It wasn’t strictly original but oh well it was pleasant at least. One brutal match the score was 0-0 and…

Hey wait a second! That’s just Star Wars but as a football team and switched around!  And it sounds like I was being mean to Crawley but it was the only thing I could find that rhymed with Mauly. I need to think of something original…

I have it!

Once upon a time there was a dysfunctional family that lived in the town of Springfield. The father, Homer was fat and…

Oh no! I’ve done it again! That’s the hit TV show the Simpsons. I was watching it only today! I think I’m all out of fresh ideas. Wait I’ve got one more.

Edward was a vampire. An emo vampire.



I think my brain needs a rest. I really should be going to bed. (But don’t tell Jae that. Shhhhh!)

Oh and by the way it’s my summer birthday today. Yay! It’s a little thing my Irish granddad made up and he has since left us but my Granny H got me some lovely notebooks so thanks to her! I’m very happy right now. 🙂

So long and thanks for all the fish.


July 12, 2012. Tags: , , . Fiction.

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