Season’s greetings!

The Christmas season is our favourite time of year. Jae’s birthday is on 10th December, then it’s Christmas Day when we go down to Brighton beach to eat chocolate oranges. And then on the 27th it’s El’s birthday!

The only trouble with Christmas is that once it’s over you have to wait a whole year for it to come around again.

Or do you?

Last week we went to a bunch of Christmas previews, where companies show off all their Christmas treats. It was kind of a weird thing to do on a Summer day but good fun.

First of all we went to Sainsburys. There were lots of food bits, little hampers of cheeses and stuff like that but we sniffed the air and pounced on the CHOCOLATE!

Daintily naturally. We had a reputation to upheld.
El particularly liked the chocolate covered pretzels which were situated near some sweet apple and cinnamon popcorn (also scrummy). There was cake in the shape of a snowman, called Snowie, salted caramel cream, mistletoe shaped sprinkles, macaroon making kits, and even one of those make your own gingerbread house kits. But it wasn’t all about the food.

We had a nosey round the gift section and spotted a Lego Darth Vader alarm clock, some Lego bag tags (not a great gift in El’s opinion, what child has ever asked Santa for a Lego bag tag?!), some Pacman themed stuff (Jae was surprised that El knew what pacman was), a new Kung Fu Panda game called Po’s Winter Wonderland (prompting giggles from El as a po is also a kind of chamber pot), a Master Moves Mickey Mouse (with over 15 moves in his repertoire), really the list goes on and on.

Then we went to Thorntons. There were three rooms full of as much chocolate as you could eat, plus a giant chocolate Christmas tree. And an elf with a rubber chicken. No, we have no idea either.

We met Keith, the Thorntons Master Chocolatier, whose job it is to think up new flavours of chocolate. His job also involves eating a lot of chocolate, about a kilo a day! (We don’t quite belive that he eats that much as he is a slim man.) What a dream job.

He let us interview him and Jae asked him serious questions. El asked him if he prefered white, milk or dark chocolate. Milk apparently.

Keith says that chocolate changes like fashion – nowadays they have chocolate with salt in which people in the past would’ve thought was bonkers. But we tried some and it was actually quite nice.

We sampled lots of the new Thorntons range and the one we really liked is the Family Night In, where you have to spin a wheel to decide which choccie you get. Let fate decide!

Then we went to Argos, where there were lots of new toys such as Monopoly and Game of Life that you can use with an iPad, and a funny little yellow robotty thing called My Keepon which El was totally hypnotised by.

And of course the newly relaunched Furby, which has eyes that can see into your soul.

Emma Bunton of the Spice Girls was launching her new range of clothes for little kids. They were all really cute and not all pinky.

So that was our fun day of Christmas in July. Only trouble is, now we are impatient to see Father Christmas again!


Merry Eljaemas!

El and Jae
Making a list, checking it twice

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Review: We Are Scientists

School’s out for summer!

School’s out for ever!

Actually, it’s not.

We’ve got to go back in September, but let’s pretend for now.

Even though our brains are in need of a big rest, we don’t mind educational toys as long as they are FUN.

The appliance of science

El and Eye both did really well in science class this year, so we were really pleased to have a play with some science kits which were sent to us for review by DKL Toys. At first glance these aren’t the most excitingly packaged toys – Jae thought they looked more like classroom resources than something you’d pick up in a toy shop. But when we opened them up we found that they were a lot more fun than the outside suggests.

First up, we tried out the Miniland Jet Air Rocket Kit. It’s designed to teach you about physics and air power. This was a very simple kit to put together – in under 10 minutes we’d created a rocket. It’s stated as being for

Professor Dennis builds a rocket

age 8-14 but younger children could manage it with help. Dennis the cat will help if you like. It costs £12.95, comes in a nice metal tin and is a good size for a birthday present.

Then we moved on to a bigger kit, the Miniland Electric Circuit Kit. At £24.95 it’s more expensive than the jet rocket kit, but we spent much longer playing with it.

Over all we think it gives good value for money as it offers a wide variety of experiments which a number of children can work on together. It includes 88 pieces including motors, switches, lights and noisy sirens.

It’s also marked as suitable for age 8-14 but El and Eye were learning about the kind of circuits it contains in Year 2 (so aged around 7). Eye who’s 9 had no problem using the kit.

Experimenting with Miniland Electrokit

You can use the kit to do up to 80 experiments, which are clearly explained in the booklet that comes with it, including lighting a bulb, creating a siren and sending signals.

Be warned though – batteries are not included and you will need 4 AA batteries – we ended up cannibalising the TV remote, so with this kit you may end up watching less telly, whether you intend to or not.

El and Eye’s verdict:

We like these kits – they’re cool! The experiment we liked best involved making a flying fan that flew right up to the ceiling. We also liked being able to make our own circuits as we enjoyed doing that at school but hadn’t been able to do it at home before.

All in all these are great kits to encourage an interest in science – if the summer carries on like it’s been doing then this could be a good investment for indoor fun. And we like the look of the rest of the Miniland range too – they seem like proper science rather than a flimsy craft kit. And by the time you go back to school you will be top of the class!


Professors El and Jae
We has skillz

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Gather round my children…

Hello random people!

El here which feels a bit odd, because me and Jae usually co-write things but today I felt a bit bored so I thought I might write a story or blog about something. Then I decided to combine the two and write a story for Eljae. So here it goes!

A long time ago in galaxy far far away two football teams battle it out. One team (Jedi United) was mean and nasty and used light sabers which was cheating. They chanted mean things like ‘Mr Vader, see you later, Mauly wauly, go back to Crawley’ and ‘The Sith is a myth! The Sith is a myth!’.
The other side, the Sith, were kind and gentle. They called their side, the ‘Dark’ side as a joke and their only slogan or rhyme was ‘Come to the Dark Side, We Have Cookies!’ It wasn’t strictly original but oh well it was pleasant at least. One brutal match the score was 0-0 and…

Hey wait a second! That’s just Star Wars but as a football team and switched around!  And it sounds like I was being mean to Crawley but it was the only thing I could find that rhymed with Mauly. I need to think of something original…

I have it!

Once upon a time there was a dysfunctional family that lived in the town of Springfield. The father, Homer was fat and…

Oh no! I’ve done it again! That’s the hit TV show the Simpsons. I was watching it only today! I think I’m all out of fresh ideas. Wait I’ve got one more.

Edward was a vampire. An emo vampire.



I think my brain needs a rest. I really should be going to bed. (But don’t tell Jae that. Shhhhh!)

Oh and by the way it’s my summer birthday today. Yay! It’s a little thing my Irish granddad made up and he has since left us but my Granny H got me some lovely notebooks so thanks to her! I’m very happy right now. 🙂

So long and thanks for all the fish.


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Top 10 Cool Kid Bloggers

She’s so SEO

Did you think that El was the only kid who blogged? Or that we were the only mother and daughter blog team? Not at all, there’s a big tribe building.

Here is our round up of some of the most fabulous child bloggers around – go and visit them and give them your love. Or your comments. To bloggers, it’s the same.

  1. Biba’s Photos
    Fantastic photography and super cute rabbits from 10 year old Biba. We’ve met her at Cybher and she’s really nice in real life!
  2. Super Tom
    Tom is six and a half (that half is important!) who has just started blogging and is doing a fabulous job so far. Go Tom!
  3. Never Seconds
    You’ve heard of this one, right? Thank goodness for packed lunches.
  4. My School Dinners
    This 14 year old has moved to France and reckons her school dinners are even worse than those suffered by Never Seconds. Say it ain’t so! Quelle horreur!
  5. Me and the Big World!
    A very busy girl – she sings, she runs, she draws pictures of pants. Is there anything this multi-talented blogger can’t do? We don’t think so.
  6. My Life
    A child’s eye view of her new life in Cumbria. It’s not easy moving to a new place but it looks like she’s doing pretty well so far.
  7. Major Love of Film
    A super cute 6 year old girl blogging about films and fun. She’s got great glasses and her mum helps her with her blog so we love her extra more!
  8. Childtastic Books
    A 9 year old girl and her mum blogging about books. It doesn’t get much more awesome than that!
  9. Millennium Macy
    She’s 12 and finds her little brother very annoying. Hmm. I think we’re going to get along very well.
  10. Amy’s Special Stories
    This is a daily journal from a girl who has autism. It hasn’t been updated for a while so we’re hoping Amy will come back and tell us some more stories.

You can find more amazing child bloggers over at KidsBlogClub.

Stay Awesome Kids!

El & Jae
Filled with blogging happiness

PS If you are a kid and thinking of starting your own blog, take some inspiration from these guys and have fun!

PPS If you know of any more cool kid bloggers, leave a link in the comments and maybe we will do another list some time! Woo! Go lists!

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Just call him Sir Dad…

The thing about being in our family is, you never know what’s going to happen.

So, last week ElDad went to Stonehenge and got knighted by King Arthur.

As you do.

Please don’t chop my head off!

ElDad great time and he stayed up all night.

Even though it rained. A lot.

Only trouble is, now we don’t know whether it’s Sir Dad, Lord Dad or His Dadness.

What do you vote for?



El & Jae

Ladies of the Realm

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