Utterly Awesome Blog: Actually Mummy

It’s time for another Utterly Awesome Blog!

This is one we discovered when its author left comments here – she’s our number one commenter. And it shows how you should leave comments on blogs because it gives people a chance to see how awesome your blog is. Plus, comments are cool.

So please say hello to the Utterly Awesome Actually Mummy.

This blog contains the thoughts of a seven year old schoolgirl, as channelled by her mum. OK, so her mum is writing it but she does it in a really cool way. Does this little girl even know she’s got a blog?

She has a little brother whom they call the Bug – we love the Bug too! Maybe he will get his own blog.

There is a lot of fun on Actually Mummy and we loved their muffin recipe video.

This blog is awesome because:

It’s really funny and interesting. It’s useful and well written and did I mention funny?

Wot So Funee?

Because of this blog we now refer to bananas as bnerners, which is much better

She uses the word loquacious a lot, which we like.

We met AM at Cybher just briefly but we could tell she was nice and a good person.

So congratulations Actually Mummy, we will send you your badge and you can join the ranks of the Utterly Awesome
El & Jae
The Awesome Police

June 25, 2012. Utterly Awesome Blogs.


  1. Ramblings Of A Suburban Mummy replied:

    I like the Balloon Volleyball idea, I think that may come in handy when mummy wants to sunbathe this summer!

  2. 1978rebecca replied:

    Great choice and Helen is utterly awesome too!

    She is also my top commenter which means I love her forever.

  3. mummymummymum replied:

    Yay, Actually Mummy is fab!

  4. actuallymummy replied:

    Awwwwwwwww! Thank you! I just found my pingback and came to see what it was all about – and here I am, on your awesome blog!! That has just made my evening!
    GG does know about the blog – actually she is secretly leading a takeover bid to oust me!
    PS: bnerners is one of my favourite words since that post!

  5. Cat (Yellow Days) replied:

    Helen is undeniably fabby, good choice!

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