Win a Horrible Histories DVD Box Set COMPETITION CLOSED


We have got a fantastic competition for you! The award winning TV show Horrible Histories has been released in a box set of the first 3 series. And we have two to give away – happiness!


Two winners will each get a box set of series 1-3 of Horrible Histories. This set contains nearly 20 hours of awesome HH fabulousness and extra features including:  Outtakes ~ Unseen sketches ~ Deleted Scenes ~ Savage Songs ~ Quiz questions


To enter, leave a comment below saying why you want to win this box set of awesomeness.


There is another competition running over at Jae’s other blog, and she’s also got two copies to give away, so scoot over there via this link and you can enter that competition as well.


This competition closes on Tuesday 10th July at midnight, so post your comment before then. Two winners will be chosen at random as soon as possible after that, and the box sets posted out straight away so you will have them for summer holiday fun. (no El, you can’t stay up until midnight on a school night to choose the winners).


We love Horrible Histories!!!!

One entry on each competition per person. UK and Eire only. These are Region 2 DVDs and may not be playable outside Europe.

And if you’re not lucky don’t worry – Series 3 of HH has just come out on DVD, and this box set is available now too. The box set is about £15 and series 3 is about £6.

El’s Review

I looooove this box set! It was wonderful getting to re-visit old episodes and getting to re-live the happiness I felt when I first saw them. I would really recommend this box set and they would make really great gifts for friends and family. Horrible Histories is really funny and educational. I’m so happy to be able to watch this wonderful program. I especially love the Savage Songs part. I love being able to sing along and have a little dance. Both me and Eye love HH so when we put on this DVD there is no complaints! I think Jae secretly watches over her laptop.

Be horribly lucky!

El & Jae

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  1. jobrooks753 replied:

    Hello! I’d like to win as I was always rubbish at history, but Horrible Histories make it interesting. So there!

  2. Jacq replied:

    I’d like to win as it would probably shut 75% of my children up for at least 75% of 20 hours. I can probably deal with the other 25%…

  3. Helen replied:

    I’d love to win because every time I’ve watched an episode randomly on TV I have learnt way more than I have ever done at secondary school and I want to learn more, plus the songs are awesome.

  4. Chris Mosler replied:

    Oh god…yes please! My teens take control of the telly and the 6yo keeps missing important bits…this way he could watch the lot (and I get to watch them AGAIN…I love them!)

  5. mymummylife replied:

    Six-year-old boy *adores* Horrible Histories, and went to see the stage show at the weekend. DH equally enamoured with it, which means peace and quiet for me!

  6. Becky (lakes single mum) replied:

    My 8 yo is mad about HH I’m currently reading the books with her and she loves it on TV. This would make her day!

  7. Mumma Bunny replied:

    My girls would absolutely love to win one of these! They watch it on tv but are running out of disgusting facts to tell us all at the dinner table; more yucky stuff needed please!

  8. Lou @ Bloggomy replied:

    My kids love Horrible Histories and have lots of the books already – whats not to love about them? @Bobbity666

  9. Merry replied:

    We should win because this is how my children learn most of their history! (I love Cbbc enhanced home ed 😉 )

  10. Mummywhisperer replied:

    I was only thinking the other day how much my son would love these as he’s just beginning to get interested in history.

  11. The Coffee Lady replied:

    We love Horrible Histories! We love Charles II, and Henry VIII, and we love Stupid Deaths and we love all the songs. We’d love to win this prize!

  12. ellenarnison27 replied:

    My big boys – 10 and 12 – adore Horrible HIstories and would be thrilled to win. It would also mean I got some peace while they watched. x

  13. holliesmith40 replied:

    The best show on telly! I love the way the songs parody people and genres that my daughters have never heard of, allowing me a little private chuckle of recognition: ‘Tee hee, Kate Bush. Ho ho, Adam Ant. Chortle, the Monkees. Ha ha, 90s boy bands.’ Etc. And if we had the box set it would save us having to watch endless repeats (as we do) on the iPlayer…!

  14. tee nathan replied:

    I’d love to win this- i’m a big kid at heart and noone makes history FUN like horrible histories. Plus as a teacher it’s a great resource to help the students!


  15. Mrs M (@madamding) replied:

    Have just introduced my 5 and 6 year olds to Horrible Histories and they love it. Our favorites are Terrible Tudors and the songs parodies. Ah who am I kidding, it’s all about me. I want it!

  16. actuallymummy replied:

    I would love them. I like to play football with the boys but they don’t let me because I’m a girl! If I can quote horribleness at them they might be a bit more impressed!

  17. Katie H replied:

    I am absolutely obsessed with this show and I am just about to start my History GCSE course and Horrible Histories has really helped me with remembering important information that has become handy in my previous exams so it would help me with my exams while being fun. (btw love the blog loads) 🙂

  18. Elaine Livingstone replied:

    would like to win these so that the grandchildren can enjoy history more than I ever did and therefore might learn more than I did

  19. Alison replied:

    My son absolutely loves Horrible Histories. I would love to enter this

  20. iain maciver replied:

    its so horrible i want to win please

  21. kayleigh Dawn replied:

    I love Horrible Histories and so do the kids – we could watch them together at our own pace instead of trying to catch it on the TV! x

  22. Gillian Holmes replied:

    Because I deserve it 🙂

  23. Maya Russell replied:

    I’d like to win because I didn’t study history beyond the age of 12 and feel I really missed out. I’d also like to win for my daughters. I think Horrible Histories is really funny and educational.

  24. Emma Clement replied:

    Please enter me for the comp! Love horrible histories and would love to win one of the boxsets! Thanks for running such a fab comp!
    Emma x (@beachpebble)

  25. Attachment Mummy replied:

    Hi, I’d like to win because my childdren are going to be learning at home, rather than at school, and this woukld be a fabulous way into history for them and a fantastic resource for them. I used the Horrible Histories books and DVDs when I was a teacher, and the children always LOVED them, and learnt loads! Good to hear you enjoy them, El.

  26. Tracy Grant replied:

    Oh my gosh, my 2 girls aged 6 and 8 love horrible histories, and they learn so much from them, they have a couple of the books too, I think they make learning fun, the kids don’t actually how much they are learning xxx

  27. Caroline S replied:

    My son Theo and my daughter, Isobel both love Horrible Histories and it would make them really happy to actually win something.

  28. Emma Clarke replied:

    My kids love the books and the show we saw it at The Belgrade Theatre in Coventry last year – brilliant!) @emma1111111

  29. Jane Townson replied:

    Would love to win this for my children who love Horrible Histories. It would be perfect for the rainy days in the summer holidays.

  30. bubbleboo replied:

    I’d love to win this for my son. He has autism and finds learning tough sometimes – but he loves Horrible Histories!

  31. clairew137 replied:

    My son Samuel 7 loves Horrible Histories and seems to learn lots from it.

  32. esthermate replied:

    I just know that my nephew would love this! Its funny and educational .My 2 little ones are a bit too small

  33. claire turner replied:

    my little boys love horrible histories and i love that they love it, its fantastic at making history interesting and enjoyable, i would love to win this so they can watch and learn and enjoy at their leisure

  34. Jo Young replied:

    I’d love to win this set for my husband as he adores the show and he will turn 40 on your closing date so it would make an awesome pressie. Although I may need som ear plugs to cope with him and my 2 daughters singing the songs!

  35. matthew collins replied:

    I’ve never had chance to watch horrible histories but am assured it’s right up my street and will give me something to watch with my godsons that we will all enjoy

  36. Catherine (@MummyLion) replied:

    i’d like to win because i’ve heard good things about them and it’s never too young to start educating my toddler (and me!)

  37. Kirsty Fox replied:

    I would like to win because I love history and from the episodes I have caught on the tv this is hilarious!

  38. sian hallewell replied:

    Horrible histories is great, factual and funny who wouldn’t want to win?

  39. kim mayhead replied:

    I would love to win this for my son, he is autistic and Horrible Histories has really helped him learn about history.

  40. julieanne Reilly replied:

    My 11 year old son is addicted to Horrible Histories and I never complain because I too think they are fantastic. So educational and fun to watch. We would love to be lucky and win these. X

  41. nikki wilson replied:

    hello, I would really love to win this for my daughter. she is a HUGE fan of the Horrible Histories. The information she has gained form this show is amazing. I would like to continue her interest in them. We also went to see them live on stage, my daughter is still going on about them. needless to say it wasnt the real ones from the tv show, but they were amazing, ebven i learnt alot

  42. amelia grinyer replied:

    would love to win this as would make a great xmas gift for my daughter

  43. TheMadHouse replied:

    I NEED to win as this is one of my favorite programs and I love that I can watch it with the boys and that we can all enjoy it. I even know most of the words to the songs and can do a mean impression of Bodica, but my fav song of all is the Dick Turpin song as it reminds me of Adam Ant (not that you will know who he is yet El, as mum hasn’t covered him in her music you need to know about)!

  44. Susan Ocock replied:

    My granddaughter saw HH at the theatre and all my grandchildren love watching it onTV. It would ensure a good few hours of peace and quiet for my daughter and we enjoy it as well!

  45. Jessica replied:

    I would really like to win this because Horrible Histories is one of my favourite T.V. shows and me and my brother don’t get on, but we have fun discussing HH together.

  46. rebeccabeesley replied:

    We homeschool our two boys and this would make really educational viewing for them. My younger son fars prefers watching TV than doing his schoolwork so at least he could watch these when i am busy with the newborn baby.

  47. Michelle Hollingsbee replied:

    I’d love to win for my two sons who are hoooooge horrible histories fans. they already have the book sets. This would make me a cool mummy!

  48. Emma Zajac replied:

    My son loves the Horrible Histories books, so he would jump at the chance to watch these!

  49. Cheryl Pasquier replied:

    I’d love to win these so that I can show bits of it to the kids at school (and giggle along myself !)

  50. Laura Pritchard replied:

    I’d love to win this so my son & I could watch them together – I want him to be as interested as I am!

  51. lynn mackay replied:

    The Rotten Romans are mine, dads and two kids favourites, but love the whole programme….very well made

  52. Lynn Tibby replied:

    As a teacher I realise just how much the children I teach have learnt from this show. It would be great to show the kids how much I know too. Especially the songs!!

  53. geggy replied:

    My daughter loves this program, (well, so do I), and she has learned a fair bit from it too!

  54. Kate Cunningham replied:

    I love Horrible Histories. I took a class to see the Egyptian play and they remembered so much more than from books. I would use them in school.

  55. Super Amazing Mum replied:

    I’d love to win this for my little horror (8 year old Maximus who has all the books and watches on CBBC but has no DVD’s) although I think I enjoy it just as much as him!! Love your photo as well BTW

  56. Michelle Grundy replied:

    I’d love love love to win this for my 3 children to keep them occupied during what looks like being a very wet summer holiday :-/

  57. Rachael Donovan replied:

    i would love to win this for my 2 sons who love the books ,so would love the dvds too x

  58. Janine Atkin replied:

    id like to win for my son, (and me). we watched it on tv once and we were laughing so much. its such a fun way to learn for children and adults

  59. vivian allman replied:

    i would love to win this, history is facinating and the horrible history series really helps to show children history in a way they can understand 🙂

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