The one where El goes mad for Swingball!

We went to an activity day in a local park, and played Swingball. It was fantastic and we were thinking about buying one for our own garden, but our garden is a bit small and we weren’t sure. And then the Swingball people got in touch and asked us to review Swingball Pro, so we had a chance to find out. Yaaaay!!!!!

However, it’s been raining for the last few weeks. You can’t play Swingball in the rain, right?

Wrong – you just need to put your coat on:

Swinging in the rain


We have been playing the advanced version which is called Swingball Pro.

You have to fill the base with water or stones (or even sand if you live on a small beach) to make it sturdy, but it’s very easy to set up. (This is what makes it different from the classic original Swingball, where you put the pole in the ground.)

It’s very sturdy and hasn’t fallen over when we’ve been playing, even when we’ve whacked it very very hard.

You can adjust the length of the rope, so you can still play even in a small garden like ours.

The down side

You have to watch out for the ball as it really hurts if it whacks you in the face. El can still feel that bruise. Plus if you play it for too long you can get blisters on your hands from the bats. They can hurt your hands! And we now have two worn out places on the grass where we have been playing it. ElDad is reeeeally thrilled about that!

Also, we discovered that cats aren’t very good at Swingball. And Dennis really, really wanted to play:


El is now on a personal mission to play Swingball every day from now until the end of June when our next door neighbours are coming back from Korea and will be able to play with us, and we will challenge them to a Swingball tournament. HAHAHA!

Give that girl a gold medal

Swingball Pro is available in lots of toy shops and places like Argos or John Lewis, and online at places like Amazon, priced around £40, or you can get classic Swingball from about £15.

Or you could just come round our house and watch El play swingball.

(Also Jae has been playing it in the daytime when El is at school and thinks that nobody has noticed)

El & Jae

Swingball Superstars

June 18, 2012. Tags: , . Reviews.

One Comment

  1. kinetikat replied:

    Swingball! Wow, that’s a blast from my past – I was born in 1964, and me and my brother played Swingball obsessively. It’s just so…. satisfying, isn’t it? You whack the ball as hard as you can and if the poor schmuck who’s opposite you misses, you whack it again, and it twizzles up or down the metal coil towards victory. I think one of the BEST features of swingball is that no matter how hard you hit the ball, it’s not going to soar over the hedge into next door’s garden (unless you are Arnold Schwartznegger, obviously, and then you’d be watching the entire game, ball, string, pole, base and all, get launched into low earth orbit, which is a different problem entirely and one probably not solved by asking the Chinese government if you can have your ball back, please). Ball games like tennis are so dispiriting if you have to spend your entire time trotting back and forth fetching the blasted thing from whatever obscure spot it’s come to rest. Swingball ROCKS! Thank you so much for this post!

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