Turtle time!

Did you know that the Sea Life Centre in Brighton has re-opened after it was closed for ages for refurbishment? All the animals had to go to temporary homes but they are back now. Yay!

We went for Eye’s birthday and met some lovely turtles who swam right up to us. (They were MUCH bigger than they look in this picture)

Totally turtely

El and Jae both touched a starfish which was a bit odd to be honest – did you know they’re actually quite soft? And then El held a crab which was very nice and didn’t bite her. It was quite still really and hardly wriggled.

No pinching!

But what on earth is this???

I’m not holding that!

Jae’s money saving tip

We had a great time at the Sea Life Centre in Brighton. The refurbishment looks great and the creatures are fab.

BUT whatever you do, don’t just rock up and pay the door prices, cos they’re pretty steep – £16.20 for adults, £11.40 for kids. If you’re smart about it you don’t need to pay that. The building has just reopened after being closed for a while, so there are lots of offers around to encourage people to visit.

We had a 50% off voucher which El picked up at WHSmith – thank goodness, it brought our ticket bill down A LOT. There are also 2 for 1 offers running until September if you’re coming to Brighton by train.

And if you can’t find a deal like that, you can still save a bit if you book on the website. Best prices are from 3pm (it closes at 6pm – we’d seen everything in about 2 hours so this should give you plenty of time). If you do this then a family ticket reduces from £48 to £33 and you will have more to spend in the gift shop.

In conclusion it was a great way to spend a birthday and we all recommend giving it a visit.

El & Jae
Sea-Life Sillies.

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Utterly Awesome Blog: Actually Mummy

It’s time for another Utterly Awesome Blog!

This is one we discovered when its author left comments here – she’s our number one commenter. And it shows how you should leave comments on blogs because it gives people a chance to see how awesome your blog is. Plus, comments are cool.

So please say hello to the Utterly Awesome Actually Mummy.

This blog contains the thoughts of a seven year old schoolgirl, as channelled by her mum. OK, so her mum is writing it but she does it in a really cool way. Does this little girl even know she’s got a blog?

She has a little brother whom they call the Bug – we love the Bug too! Maybe he will get his own blog.

There is a lot of fun on Actually Mummy and we loved their muffin recipe video.

This blog is awesome because:

It’s really funny and interesting. It’s useful and well written and did I mention funny?

Wot So Funee?

Because of this blog we now refer to bananas as bnerners, which is much better

She uses the word loquacious a lot, which we like.

We met AM at Cybher just briefly but we could tell she was nice and a good person.

So congratulations Actually Mummy, we will send you your badge and you can join the ranks of the Utterly Awesome
El & Jae
The Awesome Police

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Win a Horrible Histories DVD Box Set COMPETITION CLOSED


We have got a fantastic competition for you! The award winning TV show Horrible Histories has been released in a box set of the first 3 series. And we have two to give away – happiness!


Two winners will each get a box set of series 1-3 of Horrible Histories. This set contains nearly 20 hours of awesome HH fabulousness and extra features including:  Outtakes ~ Unseen sketches ~ Deleted Scenes ~ Savage Songs ~ Quiz questions


To enter, leave a comment below saying why you want to win this box set of awesomeness.


There is another competition running over at Jae’s other blog, and she’s also got two copies to give away, so scoot over there via this link and you can enter that competition as well.


This competition closes on Tuesday 10th July at midnight, so post your comment before then. Two winners will be chosen at random as soon as possible after that, and the box sets posted out straight away so you will have them for summer holiday fun. (no El, you can’t stay up until midnight on a school night to choose the winners).


We love Horrible Histories!!!!

One entry on each competition per person. UK and Eire only. These are Region 2 DVDs and may not be playable outside Europe.

And if you’re not lucky don’t worry – Series 3 of HH has just come out on DVD, and this box set is available now too. The box set is about £15 and series 3 is about £6.

El’s Review

I looooove this box set! It was wonderful getting to re-visit old episodes and getting to re-live the happiness I felt when I first saw them. I would really recommend this box set and they would make really great gifts for friends and family. Horrible Histories is really funny and educational. I’m so happy to be able to watch this wonderful program. I especially love the Savage Songs part. I love being able to sing along and have a little dance. Both me and Eye love HH so when we put on this DVD there is no complaints! I think Jae secretly watches over her laptop.

Be horribly lucky!

El & Jae

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The one where El goes mad for Swingball!

We went to an activity day in a local park, and played Swingball. It was fantastic and we were thinking about buying one for our own garden, but our garden is a bit small and we weren’t sure. And then the Swingball people got in touch and asked us to review Swingball Pro, so we had a chance to find out. Yaaaay!!!!!

However, it’s been raining for the last few weeks. You can’t play Swingball in the rain, right?

Wrong – you just need to put your coat on:

Swinging in the rain


We have been playing the advanced version which is called Swingball Pro.

You have to fill the base with water or stones (or even sand if you live on a small beach) to make it sturdy, but it’s very easy to set up. (This is what makes it different from the classic original Swingball, where you put the pole in the ground.)

It’s very sturdy and hasn’t fallen over when we’ve been playing, even when we’ve whacked it very very hard.

You can adjust the length of the rope, so you can still play even in a small garden like ours.

The down side

You have to watch out for the ball as it really hurts if it whacks you in the face. El can still feel that bruise. Plus if you play it for too long you can get blisters on your hands from the bats. They can hurt your hands! And we now have two worn out places on the grass where we have been playing it. ElDad is reeeeally thrilled about that!

Also, we discovered that cats aren’t very good at Swingball. And Dennis really, really wanted to play:


El is now on a personal mission to play Swingball every day from now until the end of June when our next door neighbours are coming back from Korea and will be able to play with us, and we will challenge them to a Swingball tournament. HAHAHA!

Give that girl a gold medal

Swingball Pro is available in lots of toy shops and places like Argos or John Lewis, and online at places like Amazon, priced around £40, or you can get classic Swingball from about £15.

Or you could just come round our house and watch El play swingball.

(Also Jae has been playing it in the daytime when El is at school and thinks that nobody has noticed)

El & Jae

Swingball Superstars

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Happy Birthday Eye!

Today is Eye’s 9th birthday. If you’ve not met him before, Eye is El’s little brother. He was born on Friday 13th on the 13th floor of the hospital in Room 13 and is our special lucky charm.

Here he is with his Under the Sea/Turtle birthday cake.

We made it with blue butter icing and stuck on sea creature jelly sweets. In the middle it’s sponge cake with jam and chocolate spread between the layers. Yum yums!

If you are wondering what nine year old boys like for their birthday, for Eye it was a set of bongos, lots of books and audio books, colouring pencils (posh ones in a tin), a T shirt that says Turtles Rock and Star Wars Kinect game. Also nine year old boys like hugs, special stones, turtles and Doctor Who. And a card made by El saying ‘If you breach copyright I will SUE YOU!!!’ on the back.

Unfortunately he had to go to school and he had the evil supply teacher of doom who is evil. Did I mention she’s evil? (El has been taught by her before and she has a nasty habit of accusing people of things they haven’t done).

But all in all it was a great day and lots of Swingball was played and lots of Malteasers were eaten.

So we all hope you had a happy day filled with joy!


Birthday Baboons.

PS Sorry for not many posts lately but we have been thinking about you. xxx

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3 free and easy things to do in the half term holidays

How grotty is that weather? We went out to go swimming and came home soggier than we were in the pool cos of the rain. So if you are stuck indoors like us, here are 3 cool things to do for free in your house.

1. Personalise your keys
We got this idea from A Thrifty Mrs. All you need is your house or locker key, and some nail varnish. Paint keys, let it dry, admire.

Thanks to El’s best friend for lending her the nail polish. El has her own she just didn’t have that colour and couldn’t be bothered to get it herself.

2. Balloon volleyball
This is a popular game with parents, because it keeps kids active and their mum or dad gets to have a little lie down.

All you need to play this game is a balloon, two kids and a double bed or maybe a sofa. Kids bat the balloon to each other with their hands. Parent lies on the bed or sofa and keeps score.

That’s all there is to it. (Try it, it’s better than it sounds).

3. TV Moustache
To play this game, you will need to cut out a moustache-shaped piece of paper. You will also need a tiny little bit of Blu Tack.

Then, watch a DVD. When you get a full face shot of an actor looking particularly morose, pause the DVD.

Then stick the moustache on the actor and have a good laugh about it.

And that’s all there is to TV moustache.


El & Jae
Twirling our moustaches

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