Cybher – our day in sketches

El and Jae at Cybher!

We are all pooped out today because we spent yesterday at Cybher, the blogging conference for women (and girls) who blog.

El was mega chuffed to meet another El – it was superstar blogger El from A Thrifty Mrs, as seen on Superscrimpers and Harry Hill’s TV Burp. WE LOVE YOU EL.

El, meet El

We also met the guys from the Leather Satchel Company, which was great because El takes one of their satchels to school every day – we love them too.

And we met the Disney people and told them the world needs More Muppets, so hopefully they will take heed.

At lunchtime we had a crisp shaped like a heart! And other stuff too of course.

The crisp of love

We liked the pink lights, sweeties on the table and the cool bags.

El recorded the day in sketches, and here are some of them:

What’s it called again?

We loved Biba‘s talk about apps, and even more we loved the bunny hair clip in her hair. At least we think it was a hair clip, and not a tiny baby bunny perched very still.

That’s one appy bunny

Everywhere you looked, people were tweeting and iPading at the tables:

Sketching is like tweeting from the past

El had no iPhone so she had to make her own:

No batteries required

We went to some workshops and picked up some great blogging tips:

They don’t teach us this stuff in school!

Everybody we met was really nice, it was like a big friendly community:

Oh yes we are

We found out lots of things about technology:

Make friends with your tech

We learned how to re-design your blog: that is

A big hello to all the lovely bloggers we met at Cybher, thanks to Sian for putting it all together.

Oh yeah!

El & Jae 🙂

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  1. mummytips replied:

    It was so lovely to meet you. I bet that you are as worn out as me and Biba are today?!
    Biba’s rabbit is pretty cool isn’t he? One of the other speakers, Cat Turner from The Rabbit Agency bought him for her!
    I love your pics they are awesome.

  2. marisworld replied:

    FABULOUS post, I too had a marvellous day but didn’t sketch it as I’m rubbish at art! Cool crisp, I ate mine too quickly to see what shape they were 😉

  3. Trish replied:

    What a brilliant way to describe the day – I wasn’t there but you’ve just transported me there. Fab.

  4. actuallymummy replied:

    Bloggy bloggy blog blog is what GG and the Bug call it too! Clearly there is some mileage in what language younger bloggers use! Great to meet you 🙂

  5. Sam Sparrow replied:

    I’m so sad that I didn’t get to meet you both and see your sketches live! The bunny hair clip came from the same place as our cake hair clips (

    Hope to meet you soon xxx

  6. themummyadventure replied:

    Brilliant post, I didn’t make it to CybHer but I can see all the important bits here! Great sketches. x

  7. Gail replied:

    Very nice to meet you – I think I might have seen you doing some of your sketches when we were sitting at the back! Lovely idea.

  8. Circus Queen replied:

    Sketching is like tweeting from the past – love it! That’s the best way to record the day. Glad you had fun. Only wished I’d come over and said hi.

  9. nickietypecast replied:

    One of the best summaries of the day I’ve read. Great to meet you both too… sorry it was so fleeting.

  10. El replied:

    Thank you to everyone who commented! It was lovely to meet the people I met and I hope those who didn’t go felt like they went when they saw our post. Happy blogging!!!!!!!!!!!

    El 🙂

  11. ClaireArchie replied:

    LOVE the sketches. Brilliant.
    Claire @ Cybher.

  12. emmacossey replied:

    More blog posts should be filled with sketches like this. Lovely to meet you El and to see you again Joanne!

  13. Ramblings Of A Suburban Mummy replied:

    Lovely to meet you, great glasses and the coolest nail polish I saw all day! I am so going to have to get my sister to do mine like that for me 😉

  14. hpmcq replied:

    What a gorgeous record of the days events, bloggy bloggy blog blog!

  15. hpmcq replied:

    What a lovely account & record of the day!
    Bloggy bloggy blog blog back at ya x

  16. jae replied:

    Thank you for all your lovely comments! It was great to meet so many people, but we still missed out on a lot so hopefully we will meet you bloggy chums at some point in the future.

    El is still talking about Cybher and asking when the next one is!

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